Map of the internet - pretty damn cool

yut it.

edit: ummm.. do you have to be a fuckin computer nerd to understand what all that shit was about?

nothing made sense to me there.. at all
fuck if I understand what that map looks like or anything else on that site

mind you I know what an IP address is, but only functionally. not in any sort of theoretical or academic fashion.
I honestly don't even know. I vaguely remember participating in a giant parody spam (with about ten other TWers).. and because I said something denouncing some troops in iraq or something. One of the admins took it personally.

and seriously, I can tell you what IP addresses are used for, what they do, etc.

but I have no fucking idea what they are.
I was not impressed by that map, and I do know what an IP address is, academically and theoretically.