In Memoriam

Chaser755 / Gunner755 - Chase Henson

Used to play Tribes with a group that went by the tag [.223]

Died in 2004 riding to a car/racing event when his friend lost control of the car and had a bad wreck. If I'm not mistaking, all 3 passengers died, but the driver lived. The driver also played Tribes. For the sake of him keeping his privacy, I'm not going to post his screen name, in case he still lurks...which I would doubt.
NoFiX had a similar routine of checking in once each year during the holidays. In 2020 I did not detect it but in 2021 I did see a brief check in from the appropriate region - so I said to myself he's still alive but probably swamped with life issues.

Heya bugs, hope you've been well. I really hope fix is doing alright. I've been thinking he passed for years now and I never got to apologize to him for something I said a long time ago when I was a smart ass 13yr old kid that I really regret saying when he was going through hard times... and still regret to this day.
I wanted to make a post on a tribes player that died last year and I didnt think about posting about him until a couple days ago- I dont think that anyone on this forum would know him - His name was MrSickle he was a good friend of mine and he played a lot of t1 ren and t2 ren - I would try to talk him into playing base but he loved all the gadgets that renegades had. We spent a lot of time playing together especially in the last year or so of t1 and first few years of t2

He was one of those guys that started tinkering with computers when he was kid which was in the early 80s so there wasnt much he couldnt do with them - He was a pretty cool guy. He was 46 and he was found on his couch dead as if he died in his sleep.

I wanted to make a spot here for him in this thread with other tribes players who have passed on Im sure he would have liked that.
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Ascoe died in 2018 apparently and I came here to see if there was more info - I can't find him anywhere anymore. I just found out and I'm sad about it. We went to HS together. He also went by canadahastrees and canadahadtrees on IRC. Anyway, if anyone else has more info plz share.
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