[Gaming] How To Refund Starfield Because The Pronouns Upset You

why can't you just answer the fucking question instead of trying to force everyone to watch your stupid fucking mental case clown world video?
why can't you just watch the video instead of forcing me to answer your stupid questions? :sunny:
the comment section is filled with theythem trantifa faggots getting all excited that normal people are bothered because they must choose pronouns in a game. The pronoun people make up such a small % of the population, let alone gaming population that it's amazing that the dev team included it.

What a shit ass game.
I would just like to state for the record that I have watched a video from amadeus, but i have never watched a video severed has posted.
SJW gaming causes are very important to me


Im so outraged about video games I'm gonna put on clown makeup and force devs to put my xe/xis pronouns in every game