"FT Lauderdale has a tank" - T-Dawg


Veteran XX
Dear T-dawg
Since you apparently have inside information on the equipment the ft. lauderdale police has, lets see the tank that you claim they have. Is it a big tank? Small tank? Does it have xray vision and run on the corpses of citizens? Come now, enquiring minds want to know


p.s., do you have video of the tank as well? I bet thats really cool

:flag: fking m1 t1000 panzer king tiger usa abrams super tank w/ machine guns bruh :flag:
just a Walgreens and a Walmart lmao big 3 billion dollar nothing burger

Cops stopped them with tanks
LE should stop being nancyboy faggot pussies and fite criminals face2face like real cops used 2 do

but they won't b/c they're bigger posers than the fat golden corral customer fuckheads who have some variant of the "I LOVE AMERICA SO MUCH I DESECRATED THE FLAG WITH FALSE COLORING SO THAT I CAN SAY I LOVE THE HIRED THUGS WHOSE JOB IS TO SEND ME DIRECTLY TO JAIL DO NOT PASS GO p.s. yay for fire department and emt and parking enforcement too, we all get colors just like our lgbtqia++%|~yf allies p.p.s. yes this was typed all in one breath" sticker on the blackout tinted back window of their ecoboost F150s

holy shit i hate phonies
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personally, when i want 2 let strangers in traffic around town kno that i'm a child molesting homosexual moslem terrorist, i fly a mexican flag from the back of my truck