drug abuse resistance education - tpk u r manic get help

Cannot control cus of Smeagol. He is overpowered. :(

No more GD please.

Dude is fucking seriously scary.

I be nice. I promise.

Take it easy on me please bro we Tribes buddies pls.
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Ladies and Gentlemen... We have reached the conclusion.


Thank you for joining us. Hope you all had fun. :boogie:

Special thanks to Obibun and Lemon. I will work on shortening my posts bros. I am still TW noob and learning teh ways, etc...

I am handing out TPK bumper stickers for ur ride in the back, TPK "I'm a beacon of light." T-Shirts for 13 dollars US, and TPK "asperger rage" keychains for the kiddies.
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this thread was outrageously entertaining

I only had 2 skip a few tpk posts due to them being too long

good thread

can't believe the amount of creepy fuckin obsessed stalkers who showed up to obsess about tpk
i have had signatures disabled on tw for like 8-9 years so i turn them on to get exact quote from falhawk

there are alot of ugly retarded signatures on this forum i urge everyone to go turn them off, i don't know why anyone uses them
I didnt even read all the pages in this shit, but I always liked and got along with PK, we played lots of T1 together and was always fun.

Its funny to see how easily some of you are toyed with, I think we should call him Puppet King instead of Pumpkin King.