drug abuse resistance education - tpk u r manic get help

All I will say in closing is this.

I have moral standards.

I would never do to anyone here what Falhawk did to me.

I'd never post your pm's or e-mails or shit from IRC.

That's way hardcore. You guys take this shit really seriously and it's fine if you wanna do that, but I'll never sink to your level. I keep my shit on a respectable level.

If posting pictures from last weeks threads is the same as spewing PM filth, than you guys have no moral perception.

If you all fine with people posting your pm's, e-mails, facebook messages, and shit like that, then you are all truly messed.

You can all have at each other with that shit when I'm gone...
when faced with embarrassment from seeing my schizo sociopath bullshit shown 2 the world i will go find a picture of someones gf then attack her becuz that is appropriate response

y u stupid assholes not understand the plight that is tpk
im sorta half jerking off and browsing thru some porn then i come back to this thread every 10 mins and have to start all over again everytime

tpk is literally hitler
Mostly what we have learned from this thread is that TW posters are sick, and TPK is not.

I only here to play and have fun, not like... really... fuck with people...

If I ever thought I was getting to anyone on any kind of real level, I would cut back, tone it down, or apologize. This all in good fun for me, but not anymore...

Once the death threats started increasing I realized that the people here were way too serious about all this. It's uncomfortable.

If you guys wanna label me crazy that's fine, but at least I have moral fucking standards that most of you seem to not have.

Nobody even commenting on the sick nature of Falhawk's PM posting showing me that. Only a few smart people like Lemon and Obibun are intelligent enough to realize what went on here...

I think Obibun wayyyy smarter than all you fucks after reading this. No wonder he so good at trolling you all. Lemon too.

I don't see them stooping so low to post e-mails and shit to get it done either.

It's kind of like stand-up comics resorting to "blue" material. Seinfeld is the king cus all his shit is clean. You guys very dirty. GG
[10:06:27] <TPk2> I'm certain everyone is 100% convinced that I'm crazy, and I wouldn't have it any other way
[10:06:32] <TPk2> it actually gives me power over them

ya i think we might as well call it the tehvul maneuver

tpk is a ham sandwich
Let's finish that lest it gets taken out of context:

<TPk2> I'm certain everyone is 100% convinced that I'm crazy, and I wouldn't have it any other way
<TPk2> it actually gives me power over them
<TPk2> I just mean to say, there are advantages to everyone thinking ur crazy
<TPk2> I don't mean to talk like him
<TPk2> More important is that I don't care
<havaxtw> "i only told people i was gay and fucked mike green for rent because i wanted the upper hand."
<havaxtw> i'm like, wat?
<TPk2> I could give a fuck if 90% of tw thinks I'm nuts
<TPk2> well, I can unfortunately understand him
<TPk2> I told malice I was a 400 pound virgin
<+RS^Almuktar> u think u think
<TPk2> and he swallowed that one super fast
<havaxtw> aaauuughhh
<TPk2> cus it's what he wanted to hear
<havaxtw> don't say that muk
<havaxtw> :(
<+RS^Almuktar> got all ur lil birdbrains all twistyturned
<+RS^Almuktar> HA!
<TPk2> ignore muktard
<TPk2> talk to me bro
<TPk2> what u saying homey?
<TPk2> Some people have an agenda, and are convinced of something before they even start talking about it... like muktard here....
<TPk2> sometimes you cannot convince them, so ur only option is to give them what you want
<TPk2> and play to that hand
<TPk2> maybe that's what tehvul is talking about?
and for reference, I think it's more like 80% of the people here.

The other 20% think I'm hilarious, highly intelligent, etc...

I got great TPK fans...

and deep down, the 80% that hate me are also my fans...

Lettuce be cereal.

Nothing more enjoyable than watching TPK "Sperg out".

Doesn't matter for what reason they enjoy it "Cus ur fucked in head" bla bla bla...

At the end of the day they can't wait to see what I'll say next.

I fascinate them. And it's flattering.

All of you reading this thread flatter me.

It flatters me that you care about me that much. You care about what I think and you care about what I say and you care about the opinion I have of myself and the opinions I have of others.

If Falhawk didn't care, my words would not be in his sig. It is the ultimate form of worship. "imitation" is the ultimate form of flatter, and he is sharing my words with you all because he worships my "madness".

It's all good.

I came into this thread knowingly. Knowing what would happen. I don't regret anything that I said or did in here, because I never compromised my own moral conviction.
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i dont hav all the answers but if there is obv nothing to gain and everyone is disagreeing with you then it makes sense to question your thoughts, right?

Sorry, missed this earlier...

I always... question... my thoughts... I always think about what I'm saying and consider the other persons side... More so than most anyone I meet... Most people have a really challenging time apologizing to others... I don't... Because I'm an empathetic human...

However, if I were to say something like "You should say nice things to people" everyone here would laugh or disagree with me, cus they think life is about "hating on people on the webs" or whatever.

Does that make them automatically right because they have the numbers?

The mass opinion is retarded. I don't care how many people disagree with me. They are all wrong.

Hundreds of years ago, you would have had a hell of a time convincing the "mass opinion" that the world was round instead of flat. Who ended up being correct about that one?

Besides, plenty of smart and secure people in here without an agenda agreeing with me.

Most people here have a sickly hunger for somebody to "sperg out". They can't wait for it to happen. All of these people you talk about Badmofo, Tehvul, etc I've never even SEEN their trolls and I'm not familiar with their work, and there is a reason for that. I don't care cus I'm not drawn to it like most people here are.

If I ever thought I was really getting to somebody, I'd chill the fuck out and stop, or apologize, whereas many of the posters here would take that as their cue to push even harder cus they want to cause real harm. It's sick. Falhawk is a sick individual for pushing that Private Message so hard, and some of you twisted evil people loved him for it. That's revolting.

For anyone here that thinks Falhawk trolled me, TW is about who can take things too far.

It's kind of like sparring in martial arts. You don't break arms during that shit. It's out of line. There are rules and boundaries.

Yeah, you can sit there and say "Well ur arm is broken, so I win." But everyone standing around is going to be like "WTF dude, are you fucked in the head, he's gotta go to the hospital!" "Yeah but I won." holy shit @ that.

If you did that in real life, there would be big trouble. So you take your sick desirous urges to harm people to the internet, where you can hide behind the safety of your monitor. It's disgusting.

Some of you are out of line and if ur not, you are falling in love with people that are which is equally as bad. That's all I'm saying.

Falhawk clearly the happiest person on Earth to see others suffer. That's horrifying to me. Dude scares me shitless cus he's devoid of empathy.

That's why I never posted in GD. That's why I don't post here. Many of you have serious serious problems and you need to work on being better people.

I don't wanna be anywhere near Falhawk, and it creeps me out beyond belief to know that 5 years from now, you'll still be seeing that PM. 15 years from now, you'll still be seeing that PM, and he'll still be actively speaking about me every chance he gets.

No thank you.

Fuck this whole thing, I ain't touching that dude I've decided. He'll just break the rules and my fucking credit card numbers will show up on TW or some shit. No thank you.

You win... My arm is broken or whatever... GG Falhawk.

TPK loses.

Thank you for teaching TPK that there are no boundaries here.

Do not want any of you creepy people poisoning me in my sleep for something I said here. Very much so not worth it for me.

tpk don quixote of teedub

Da name of my favorite game is Chivalry.

Coincidence? Or no?
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Long Cliffs:

1) TPK leaves TW for 2 weeks. Types one long hilarious post trolling TT. Very funny stuff about TPK being "candyman" cus they all miss TPK and talking about him while he's gone. Much laughter.

2) TT people (Dare) tired of untouchable super powered TPK posts freak out and start a thread in GD to strike back, knowing that the only thing that makes TPK uncomfortable on this entire forum is Falhawk AKA smeagol, who has been stalking TPK for years ever since meeting in Martial Cartel World of Warcraft guild.

3) Smeagol (AKA TPK kryptonite) instantly and predictably appears at the mere drop of TPK's name for the umpteenth time to slay TPK for TT crew, talking about TPK and showing off TPK's private message that he received 2 years ago as he has done with immaculate consistency every month or two since he got it (see TPK asperger thread and any other thread for reference).

3) TPK reads 2 pages of pure TPK hate and responds willingly, facing the GD hate-dry-fuck hyena swarm for the first time ever in years because of new found TW confidence.

4) Giant huge shit storm.

5) TPK learns that despite his new killer posting skills, Smeagol still too much for him cus his obsession with TPK is even stronger than he ever realized, he has no boundaries, takes things way too far, and has a true desire to try and cause TPK real harm.

6) GG, Falhawk wins. TPK thoroughly creeped out by Smeagol's obsessive care factor still.
Dare also wins. Mainly victory for Dare and TT crew.

7) Somehow TPK very happy about all of this for standing up to truly scary/creepy people, and has reached some wonderfully blissful peace. You can't win them all after all.

8) Things quieting down. People chillen in IRC, etc...

a descent into madness?


Smeagol has next level obsession with TPK devoid of mercy.

Probably hates his life very badly to want to try and cause TPK real harm cus of small penis, lack of bedroom ability, fat ugly burger eating girlfriends, and no real love in his life, etc..

Fucking hell Dare... Why'd you have to bust out the atomic bomb on me dude? It was just a firefight.

That was overkill bro... fukkk.... :(
dont blame me 4 ur manic 1000 word posts

You knew exactly what you were doing when you brought Smeagol to ass rape me. Smeagol Overpowered bro.

This typical dare to use overpowered advantage to win.

It was a fair fight d00d fuckkk... You are unsportsmanlike... :(