drug abuse resistance education - tpk u r manic get help

Good, good just chillin -- Left the bar a bit buzzed. Reading up on wtf happened lol.

Yeah, they taking things to the next level with TPK etc... nothing new...

Cool that you having a good time bro. :D

What u drinking homey?

Pretty sure you'll enjoy the read. lolz

Some funny shit in this thread.


On another note, the only shred of reality about me in this entire thread was just posted by Vanster.

I'm not crazy. If anyone posted anything truthful about me here ever I'd call it out.

Unfortunately nobody here knows anything about me and never will...

The people that are in the know are in the know.

TW posters just spew off the cuff shit out of their asses and speak on matters they know nothing about to a ridiculous degree.

Everyone on TW has an agenda... Maybe they mad cus I beat them up in Tribes and I wounded them emotionally? Maybe cus I fucked around with them when they came at me unprovoked? I'd apologize, but of course, we aren't rational adults here.

This is all about "OMGZ I TROLLZ YOU CUS I COOL KID" bullshit.

I don't really care about how I look publicly because I don't need the emotional support from strangers on an internet forum.

The people here are really messed to be jumping on the TPK hate train.

I contributed more to this community than most everyone here.

I was all about the love from beginning to end.

It's sad to see what these guys do to people.

Hope they all enjoyed it.

TPK is Tribes. <3 Tribes forever.

I still have my memory, I will never let any of you take that away no matter how disgusting these people get. I remember the way things were.
Cause nigga it's TPK everyday all day to the day I die
I'm creepin through yo set with a mini mac 10
AR15 rugga with a 12 guage pump in the trunk
And a black beany disguise
That nigga that you can't see glocks and locs
Over my eyes Crack like a black cat with a mac in my lap and a fat sack of that crack took a hit of that shit and seen some niggas with a 4-5
So I let 'em have it ouncesof OE and a sack of that Indonesian shit and a 9 millimeter clip for you to dump
And put one in your bitch and put her in her grave
With that empty 40 ounce bottle and don't leave a drip
Then bounce to that ounce
With a lack and a mac and a fat pack shit
I'm sicker than sick you niggas gotta admit when I
Grab my shit you either gone or get caught with a hot one

Awww sheeeet.

Thems some rhymes homey. ;D

Das nice and refreshing.

classic paranoid schizophrenia... everyone is out to get him, and we will all pay for it.

Bla bla bla. Some stranger on the net is crazy and I telling you all that. bla bla bla.

I can do the same thing.

You have power control issues global muting cus u fucked, bla bla bla.

U done?


The people here haven't figured out that the only reason I'm making them think that I'm crazy is cus they coming at me fists swinging when I don't even know wtf they are talking about.

If any of you posters on TW thought of saying shit like "Oh, hi TPK. How u doing?" Then all of a sudden I'm incredibly level headed and chill as fuck.

Wow, it's almost like magic.

You get respect when you give it. life is like that tards.

You people treat other human beings like absolute ass, and you get back what you put out. No shock there.
ya u not crazy, i'm the crazy 1

this thread is A+ 5 star fkin awesome

Thanks bro. :)

Just remember that you came at me and said "TPK u fucked" or whatever when I did absolutely nothing to you whatsoever, nor would I ever.

I liked you bro, I would never have any reason to say any shit like you did to anyone unless they came at me first.

The thought of "Gee, I insulted somebody and now he's saying disrespectful shit back to me in return" never occurs to you people because you are socially inept.

You think it's ok to be like "Ur fucked" and you so fucking shocked by my reaction it's hilarious.

I wonder if you go around your day shaking people's hands and telling them they are fucked, and they get hugely shocked when they spit in your face.

You probably blame them for it.
TPK cap out shutout

Oh yes. ;D


TPK.. you have some serious issues man.
Are you on drugs or something?

LoL ;D

Nice one man. :D

TPK, fuck tha haters homie :)

IDK what I was drinkin, the girl behind the bar was dishin me up drinks for free lol


Im in Florida, and now leaving to Michigan on Monday for 20 days *rolls eyes*

Nooiiiceee... Sounds like you have a great time dude. :D

I'm slightly jealous cus I ain't rolling like that for a while. I got a lot of hard work ahead of me. Enjoy it. You deserve it homey.

At least it's summer and the weather won't suck up north. Florida is really really nice too. Some decent women there too... for America anyway... lots of white trash, swampy smell shizzle, and retired people, but yeah, I like Florida. :D

It's ok. You probably don't understand words like "instigation", nor concepts like "giving respect".

You are typical TW. You insult the fuck out of people for no reason and then get hugely shocked and offended when you they come back at you in self-defense. Then you blame them for it after forgetting what you said, cus you couldn't possibly be at fault.

etc.... that's the best way I can compress it so that you'd understand, but you probably won't...
Anyone typing in "I feel sorry for TPK" doesn't need to worry about me.

When this is done, I'll go back to me incredible life that is assuredly way better than what most of you have. I don't need very much at all to be happy. I always smiling etc...

I think most everyone here is truly unhappy, and that's really evident by how they spend so much time saying horrible things to people unprovoked on the internets.

You'll never catch me doing that. I might say some brutal shit, but it's always in response to the hate that comes at me. I'll never fuck with anyone that doesn't give me a reason to, and it's really easy to keep TPK happy cus I don't get serious and uppity about shit unless it's like fucking next-level horrible like Falhawk 8 year stalking level...

If you knew anything about me and my life, many of you would be very jealous.
So cool, we done talking about tpk now?

Or you guys want to obsess over me for 20 more pages?


I had very much fun in this thread.

Is it over GG now?

What everyone perceives is not important.

The important thing here is that I feel great and enjoyed this thread very much.

Anyone else want to come at me, or is it time for TPK to leave?
I think faghawk feel very ashamed deep down inside.

I am not worried about him...

He will have to face his own demons anyway...

I won't be surprised when horrible shit happens to him...

I hope you guys learn to be nice to people and say nice things etc...

It is good to have love in your heart.
tpk, you're cracking me up, but please, put down the crack pipe and step away.
if you go find pictures of other peoples gfs/wifes then post it u r filthy scum

so u scum gg

Naw, there was a Girls of TW thread like 2-4 weeks ago.

I remember posting a gif in it cus there were no hotties.

I remember joining that thread and seeing ugly hags everywhere and then leaving in disgust.

What I did was the same as quoting a thread from very recent day...

I didn't exactly dig very hard took me 2 minutes tops cus it's on page 38 out of 42 or something close to that.
tpk, you're cracking me up, but please, put down the crack pipe and step away.

It's all good homey.

If anything I have lasting power.

These fools getting tired.

That in itself is a victory.

I still here standing. LOL

I really need to rest today so I just sitting on my ass posting on TW. It is healthy for my body to regenerate cus I real tired.

I look around and all is quiet.