drug abuse resistance education - tpk u r manic get help

I can guarantee you all 100% that I'm not fucking with you about Falhawk.

He has been on me for yearsssssss....

Don't you guys find it slightly telling that he claims to not single me out while keeping me in his sig for years.

On top of this, that's not enough for him, he has to enter every single thread where it's even remotely valid to post the same thing again and again. Check the last TPK thread OPSAYO made about me called "TPK asperger thread" he did the same thing then, and before that, and before that, and before that....

It's fucking endless...
Go look for yourselves, I ain't bullshitting...

You guys just bias cus all you see is "TPK freaking out about sig" all a sudden.

When have you ever seen TPK react like this or post like this? Fucking never...

Falhawk is a very special and unique case. The dude will NEVER leave me the fuck alone...
Somebody please link TPK's compliation asperger thread...

You can see Falhawk posting about me 3 times completely unprovoked...

and that was just ONE of the times he did that... This was another... there has been another time BEFORE that too... and I'm sure at least one more on top of all of that...

Somebody link that shit so you can see I'm not fucking making this up...
Falhawk is p obsessed with TPK

I think TPK's posts have shown that

Who the fuck keeps a sig for 2 years...

ANY sig?

Think of the most damned coolest sig you can imagine...

Has ANYONE kept a sig that fucking long?


It's all good though.

Tomorrow when I wake up. I'll be fresh and steady.
Then I will decide my plan of action.

Dude just wouldn't let it go... I'll post more pm's in a sec....
Just realized my sig is 2yrs old. Now I feel bad.

Damn, sorry bro. :(

So he "coincidentally" decided to reply me with confrontational language instead of "leaving me alone", huge shock cus he's such a nice guy.

Originally Posted by Falhawk
I contemplated whether or not to reply to this and decided to. I'm still shocked that you think I'm stalking you because I pointed out that your awkward wall of text posts were...awkward. You followed it up with another awkward long pm to me referencing things that you may have said to me (of which I have zero recollection) that would have made me mad?

All of it had me scratching my head. Like, you've been on TW for a while. How can you still not understand it.

I say this being completely honest and without malice but I think you've got some social issues. I'm not going to call it aspergers or whatever flavor of the week mental issue is the fad on tw because I'm not a therapist but its probably something that you should look into.

The only reason to accuse somebody of mental issues for being asked to be left alone would be to manifest conflict.

So his way of extending his overly-extensive obsessive troll is to tell me that I'm the one with mental issues because I want to be left alone by a stalker.

You'd think that a nice guy or somebody that didn't want any shit to go down would say. "Oh yeah man, it's cool, no biggie. Let's just part ways cus TW is for fun." or whatever.

But he's all like "You don't understand TW, it's YOU not me."

"I just won't leave you the fuck alone ever for any reason, but it's you that has the problem, etc. etc..."

"I love your brothers but I really want to disrespect them and humiliate them along with you." Which makes TONS of sense right?

"It is unreasonable for you to not ask me to stop stalking you", etc.

Right now, I can guarantee you Falhawk is CRACKING the fuck up.

He thinks this is ABSOLUTELY hilarious because he thinks it's a troll.

He doesn't realize that it's not a troll to fucking send chicken bones to somebody's house every day for a full year.

There is a certain line you cross where it is no longer a troll, and it becomes something more...

This is overly extensive, that's all I'm saying.

On TW, you gotta give EVERYONE shit. You don't single a person out for an 8 year time span unless you are FUCKED in the head.

He's laughing now, but he won't be laughing later.

YOU GUYS will all be laughing...

TW will benefit from this.

This big boi shit now.