Download and Play TRIBES!

[Strike]I guess having their Discord is worth something...[/strike]

But yes, I understand the actual downloads to be broken. Sad.
Ya use a T1 install from groove or even plasmatic's stock 1.40 link somewhere

The t2/t:v ppl should get their own subforum imo tho all that will happen here is they'll be called names
Who's discord is it? Who's the owner? Y is it reformed?

It seems to be either pheer or Thumper,

Quick mission statement:
Tribes is all but dead at the old place. There hasn't been a game in 4 days and counting, and spotty pops before that. This will be a place for the people and by the people. All good ideas will be considered. We will flood this place with all tribers, old and new. Once we establish who is actually participating in the community whether they are playing, modding, bot coding, etc., we will start to thin the herd of all inactives. They will always be welcomed back if their life allows for some tribes. We will encourage pub players to cross over and get involved with pugs and we will encourage vets to teach pug life to them. There will be no access to mu. There will be no classes ie: gold, silver, etc. We just want tribes to survive and for the players to have a good time playing. This will take a community effort. Please be on your best behavior and keep it friendly. Much love to the tribal fam.
Ya so basically posers trying to reinvent the wheel

what killed the game? Bans and cliques

what helped? Sign up bots where cliques can dominate with game throws

Fuck these people they're video game nazis
Not only that their statement says they don't want to talk to people unless they play their game on their rigged servers

how lame to cut out chat between ppl who know each other for decades

it's totally anti-tw
Dare, tell me the story about how you lost control over your discord.

Lost control?

Lyon begged me for it for years in private message and tribes servers

I had jail coming up and figured blood in blood out

I gave it to opsayo with the condition that if he couldn't handle it he give it to Lyon which he did

Lyon and I had an agreement in a pub that if he started banning people and didn't keep the discord tribalwar integrated with the forum that he should give it back to me or to someone else to keep the community alive

instead he camped and well uve seen who he banned

@ the time he was lurking tw discord all day and chatting with mun. It's like dealing with a different guy now
I still have ppl saying the discord I was running was a fan favorite because...

we had tribalwar forum going @ same time and it was all inclusive so ppl rambled and had drama and whatever and IT WASNT BORING
If it's ur turn to do the discord it's ur turn. People had their chance. It's a community discord not one person + clique. So if u need a vouch I'll do it by email to discord and if not or it can't be done I'll support etc.

Jerry is mod here now and I'm with him in wanting community in one spot. So even going back to the other discord and asking for mod admin ownership changes works too.