[CNN] The Next President: A World of Challanges


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[CNN] The Next President: A World of ChallEnges

So today my school held the taping of a 90 min special CNN program with 5 ex secretaries of state (Albright [A], Baker , Christopher [C], Kissinger [K], and Powell [P]) about the future of foreign issues the next President faces.

It will air September 20th at 9pm.

Here were some of the major points:

Pretty much everyone said close Guantanamo Bay, to become more respected abroad.

B: Suggested better and clear cut divisions of authority and responsibility in future administrations to improve accountability.

K: Suggested we outlaw torture in a "meaningful way."

B: We're committed to the small independent states around Russia, they should be apart of NATO.

A: Recent NATO expansion was never meant to be "anti-russian" so they shouldn't feel threatened. Speed up the member NATO membership process.

P: Russia is trying to regain the pride it has lost in the last 15 years. When dealing with them we shouldn't be rash, but holistic.

Everyone agreed they need to be engaged.
P: Agree they're developing technology for civilian purposes. Could later be use knowledge to make weapons though. We should start low level talks now.

B: Wants to try containment and nuclear deterrence.
P: Aggress with deterrence. He mentioned meeting the Iranian Foreign Minister and their talks about internal Iranian economic affairs and how they talked about they're younger population and the need for 600,000 new jobs a year to satisfy their growth.

K: Wants to put our vision forward in Iran so they can understand us, and what we want out of the geographic region in the future. We should talk to them at the Secretary of State level, and tell them explicitly exactly what we want/expect/mean. He wants these talks to be made with out pre-conditions.

A: Wants us to stop villianizing them cause it's not helping.

P: Send more troops to Afghanistan, get inside their government to fix the drug problem and corruption, in efforts to aid their effectiveness. Form a relationship with Pakistan to help fight the Taliban scattered around their common borders.

B: Form relationship with Pakistan. Help them beef up their own power so they wont be dependent on us.

C: Strengthen our foreign service and use hard/soft power together, cause military power alone will not be enough.

A: Wants to look at the area regionally not at the individual countries.

P: Before soft power is effective you need to gain security with hard power.

Over Seas Spending Vs. Domestic Spending:
A: The President should explain the value of spending over seas (i.e. these wars) and how it will effect us at home.

Middle East:
B: Engage with Syria, turn them away from Iran.

C: In order to succeed in Iraq we need to use soft power to pressure political reconciliation.

P: Iraq is giving us their own time table they don't want us there, but before we leave there should be political reconciliation and stability.

K: Supports deadlines because they're what applies the pressure.

A: Systematic withdrawal, leave residue troops, and get syrian help.

Climate Change:
B: Kill all the cows. Us lead global effort that doesn't destroy our economy.


K: Center of gravity for politics will shift from the atlantic to the pacific. Keep friendly relations but promote economic competition.

Questions from the floor:
Won't electing Obama send a powerful message?
B: It would send a powerful message both abroad, and domestically. That being said, I've endorsed McCain. LOLOLOL

US response to humanitarian crisis:
C: Be conscious of issues, but don't over stretch.
P: Agrees. THe solution needs to be political not militaristic.
A: Damned if you do/don't (Somalia/Rwanda as reference)
B: Take US values and principles into consideration. We need a self interest to get involved, otherwise you'll loose the will of the people. We're not world police. Lead wisely, don't commit human lives to something American's don't want or you'll loose support. Doesn't think we should get involved in Darfur.
A: Then we shouldn't call it genocide.
B: I didn't call it genocide.
P: I DID! (OH SHIT!) Rants about the situation.

What do Future debates need?
P: To stop being driven by "little celebrities" of political life.
blah blah blah
A: Mentions dissatisfaction with the Obama Flag Pin BS
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That was a really terrible and disjointed synopsis of something that sounds interesting.

Kissinger is somebody that really should be listened to. He knows all about global fuckups and alien cultures.
That was a really terrible and disjointed synopsis of something that sounds interesting.

Kissinger is somebody that really should be listened to. He knows all about global fuckups and alien cultures.

Well, too bad nothing important politically is happening in CT.