Biden - Dimocrats Newest Criminal Candidate

Ben Stiller as Hunter in
I Didn't Sign Up For This

Hunter ByeDone's Laptop with all it's links was introduced into court (of law? we'll see)
you know, the laptop that 51 FORMER feds said was LIKELY RussiaRussiaRussia
the laptop that the NIAs have had since 2019....(who knows how long they've 'known' about it)
but you're telling yourself
you knew that all along... MoveOn MoveOn Moveon moveon moveon moveon moveon moveon moo on
back to KittyLoop I see
was it the reference to the geriatric love you feel?

The projection is strong in this one....

'embarrass his father'
what a bunch of shit
he put out the laptop to show the money trail to put the Robbin'It family away in prison
if that's what that hack MSM piece means by 'embarrassment'
I was coming back from Mexicali eating Chinese food and a bit drunk.... I let my displeasure of the border known and one of the guards said he doesn't know if he can wait until Trump is back
that is exactly wat the chinese always say

they don't even copy good shit half the time, u can catch chinese kids copying black kids' maff tests like they want 2 do a kamikaze attack w/ their own schoolwork

jfc they're like "wat's the ugliest shit the euro design houses r putting out, we gotta make fakes of those handbags"

u kno the world's gone 2 shit when even the chinamen r getting lazy w/ the copypasta
Hunter is a simple man. He just wanted to sleep with hookers, bang his dead brother's wife, sit for no reason on a oil company board, receive millions of dollars through nepotism, and do blow off big ol escort tits.