Biden - Dimocrats Newest Criminal Candidate

'iTs ThE dEmOcRaTs NeW hOaX!"

"ItS jUsT tHe FlUe"

"iT wIlL gO aWaY lIkE mAgIc!"

GreatUnderstatementsin History:
Napoleon' s retreatfrom Moscow - “ just a little stroll gone bad
Pompeii - " a bit of a duststorm
Hiroshima - summerheatwave
Wuhan- bad flu season

Republicans love voting for morons and it hurts them every time, like rats to a baited trap.
damn i can't believe it was another fake allegation, what is this world coming too

i'm glad biden is innocent though
People been stuck at home for 3 weeks and they have already seen enough bullshit in the media to change opinions.

Humpindudes has been stuck at home his whole life and is still an idiot :lol:
Independents opinions have changed... blacks opinions have changed.. democrats opinions have changed.

I been right all along... why would I change?
i believe what they're saying is he didn't do it because he's innocent

thank u come again

more like, we can't find any evidence of sexual misconduct apart from the sexual misconduct we can't hide b/c everyone already knows about it
What will be funny is when and if the next democrat is president and the flu death toll trounces coronavirus death numbers.. they have set a precedent that they will have been responsible for not shutting down the world.

I mean we still have to have 57,885‬ more people die from coronavirus before it reaches flu death numbers for 2017
Remember Trump can't claim he saved anyone from 'rona... he waited till the last minute to do anything

This already is the worst case scenario according to dems/left/faggots :lol:

and we have 58,000 more to die.

Imagine the next flu season that takes another 80,0000

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2017 80,000 dead from flu

2020 22,115 dead from coronavirus

Those facts are indisputable

and trump didn't do anything to stop it
The trump attack ads are just going to be fucking ownage after ownage after ownage

Starting with Xenophobia

Biden is fucked
The New York Times on Twitter: