bernie's throwback tournament team analysis and picks

i learned 2 things from the throwback tourney

1) SmokingMan is cool as hell
2) dont give Glare more responsiblity than say, watching grass grow

it was funny how everyone thought the supposed veterans of tribes (actually just forum whores) were going to dominate


in all honestly though, the tournament was ruined by all tthe gay shit glare did (which i cant even remember, too long ago plus i dont really care that much----- i just remember thinking.... wow, what a faggot, way to ruin the tourney glare)

ps team 12 got very lucky against team 14
I led the team that lost to the eventunal winner...and we played them to 3. So I was content in our loss and I had a blast. Though the turnout sucked it did for most the teams. Good times.
Hey Groove,

Great to hear from you. Hope that you and your family are doing well. Do you still keep in touch with others? What are you up to...