2024, A New Era For Starsiege: TRIBES


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Hello all!

With the coming release of TRIBES 3: Rivals, many in our community feel energized to participate in this wonderful series of video games yet again.

Let's use this thread to talk about the latest news and events.


TRIBES 3: Rivals Rumble | Gotta Go Fast

An open tournament with two regional divisions and a combined $9000 grand prize. Click the link above for more information.

Note: this game is still being playtested and has not yet been formally released. All are welcome to join the testing. Click below for more information:

TRIBES 3: Rivals on Steam


An open 5v5 LCTF tournament is set to begin shortly. Check out the teams and Discord below:

2024 LCTF 5v5 Tournament - Google Drive

24/7 Tribes Ladder


Altimor has taken on the task of reworking the entire netcode of the game. A special thanks and good luck!

Patch notes!

The Playtest is now Live! - 1/18 Patch Notes
The TRIBES 3: Rivals playtest is now live! It will be live for the next 24 hours unless otherwise stated! Here are the patch notes!

Active Testing Modes:
12v12 Bomb Rush
Time Trials
Custom Matches - CTF and Bomb Rush

Heavy Armor
Max Health reduced from 2500 to 2250
Max Energy reduced from 100 to 80
Light Armor
Max Energy raised from 100 to 120
Light Spinfusor
Reload time reduced from 1.25 to 1.17
Direct hit multiplier reduced from 1.3 to 1.2
Direct hit multiplier reduced from 1.3 to 1.2
Heavy Spinfusor
Direct hit multiplier reduced from 1.3 to 1.2
Bolt Launcher
Reload time reduced from 1.5 to 1.27
Heavy Bolt Launcher
Damage reduced from 760 to 720
Direct hit multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.3
Direct hit multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.4
Damage reduced from 70 to 60
Fire rate slowed from .14 to .155
Fire rate slowed from .11 to .12
Grenade Launcher
Non-player damage multiplier reduced from 3.0 to 2.0
Fusion Mortar
Non-player damage multiplier reduced from 3.0 to 2.0
Non-player damage multiplier reduced from 3.0 to 2.0
Projectile speed reduced
Packs and Grenades
Spinfusor Disc
Renamed to Mag-Lev Disc
Changed to make health nuggets heal 2,000 health over time.
Flag Capper
Renamed to “Capper”
Flag Chaser
Renamed to “Chaser”
Banner Guard
Renamed to “Base Guard”

Refined jetpack physics to allow for more control, especially for “feathering” while moving at high speeds.
The Ski Toggle control now has three settings:
Hold to Ski: Press the “Ski” binding to ski, release the button to end skiing.
Standard Toggle: Press the “Ski” binding to ski. Press again to end skiing.
Dual Bind Toggle: Press the “Ski” binding to ski. Press the “Cancel Ski” binding to end skiing. The default binding for “Cancel Ski” is “C.”
Fixed an issue where other players could sometimes appear jittery while moving.
Bomb Rush
Players must pick-up bombs located around the map and run through the enemy team’s Exhaust Port to score.
Custom Matches
Join codes are now hidden.
Island map removed from map list.
Added Dangerous Crossing map.
Dev Note: Like all our maps this is still WIP, but should imitate more traditional Tribes maps. This map is only available in Custom Matches in CTF mode this week.
Bomb Rush game mode and maps added to Custom Lobbies.
Players now return to the original Custom Lobby after a match ends.
Added new regions for Custom Lobbies:
South America
Increased captures needed to win in CTF to 5.
Health Nuggets
Now heal 1,000 health over time instead of 50% of your max health
Generator health reduced by 15%.
Temporary shields are now shown on player health bars and name plates.
New loading screens added.
Players can now auto pass bombs and flags if they are within 15 meters of their teammates.
Increased Conduit travel speed.

Fixed an issue where pickups such as the Flag and Health Nuggets would fall through terrain.
Fixed an issue where players would sometimes cycle back into a custom match instead of returning to the lobby.
Fixed an issue where players who join Team B voice chat in custom lobbies would not work.
Fixed an issue where projectile VFX would spawn at the wrong position.
Fixed an issue with shadow artifacting.
Fixed an issue with buffering on full auto weapons.
Fixed an issue where the Repair Tool would not show HP in Training.
Fixed an issue where Custom Match Mutators were not applying correctly.
Fixed an issue where players using the Thumper would be slowed.
Fixed an issue where the Smoke Grenade SFX would continue to play after it exploded.
Not a fan of newest patch.. maybe because they keep forcing 7v7?!

Patch notes:

Active Testing Modes:
7v7 Quick Play - CTF, Bomb Rush, and Team Hunters
Time Trials
Custom Matches - CTF, Bomb Rush, and Team Hunters

Normalized Max Energy
Slightly reduced overall mobility
This is intended to slightly reduce the efficacy of the Medium class for capping while maintaining its effectiveness in duels
Reduced overall mobility
This is intended to reinforce the Heavy armor class as a durable but less mobile option to defend and assault bases, while not being as effective at traversing the map or performing evasive maneuvers
Light Honorfusor
Projectile speed reduced to match the Light Spinfusor.
Projectile speed reduced to match the Spinfusor.
Fusion Mortar
Reduced fuse length by 25%.
Spread increases the more speed a player has.
This is the first iteration and we are still exploring ideas to limit the efficacy of Chainguns in general. Expect a future change to the other chainguns as we continue to work on preparing additional options such as an overheat mechanic, to find out what fits best within the game.
Packs and Grenades
Lateral and forward inheritance added to grenades.
Dome Shield
Size increased by 25%.
Duration increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
Stealth can now be canceled by activating the pack again.
Throwing grenades while in Stealth will semi-reveal the player instead of canceling Stealth.
Stealthed enemies are now revealed within 200 meters of the radar sensor while it is operational.
Phase Shift
Phase Shift can now be canceled by activating the pack again.
Base Guard
Now also grants 15% damage reduction while near your flag stand.

Network performance improvements.
Team Hunters Game Mode
Added Team Hunters mode to Katabatic and Dangerous Crossing.
Playable in Quick Play and Custom Matches.
Collect flags and deposit them in the Nexus to gain points. The more flags you deposit at once, the more points you gain.
There are some flags that spawn around the map. Killing players will also drop a flag.
Bomb Rush
Players can now score bombs by tossing them into enemy vents.
Added scoreboard stat for bombs scored.
Bomb scoring vents and bases adjusted for better play, but should still be considered blockout testing.
Made picking up the bombs easier by removing the pedestals.
Reduced to a 7v7.
Repair Tool heal increased from 3% per second to 6% per second.
Adjusted flag physics to improve consistency especially when throwing in directions other than forward. Additional adjustments to come based on feedback.
Temporary shields now show on the player's health bar.
Added feedback to the minimap when a team’s Radar goes down.
Added a setting to hide the Ski Mode: Engaged/Disengaged UI.
Class icons updated.
Raised max fly height (stallz) in all maps to where it effectively should not be hit.

All maps
General art improvements and bug fixes continue over time.
Dangerous Crossing
Increased base sizes by 25%, to give a bit more room to maneuver while inside. Lowered the structure so the flag-stand is at the same relative height.
New Map: Honor Dome
Only in Custom Matches, very early blockout.
A smaller map for 3v3 or 4v4 single Bomb Rush and CTF.
New Map: Torment
Only in Custom Matches, very early blockout.
Larger CTF lava map.

Fixed an issue where player damage was being multiplied with structure damage, causing some weapons to do more damage than intended on generators, radars and turrets.
Fixed an issue where the dome shield visuals would disappear shortly after being deployed.
Fixed an issue where flag carrying music would not stop playing if flag was passed using short-range teleport.
Fixed an issue where recall sound on other players would not play at correct location
Fixed an issue where turrets would be valid targets for flag passes.
Fixed an issue where downed turrets were incorrectly showing as online on minimap when the Generator came online.
Fixed issues with scoreboard responsiveness.
Fixed an issue where the Honorfusor VFX would get stuck on.
Fixed an issue where bullet whiz SFX would sometimes not play correctly when projectile hit a surface.
Fixed an issue where VGS volume setting was not applying.
Fixed an issue where stealth SFX wouldn't play when initiating stealth.
Fixed an issue with respawn UI where the pending armor class was not showing correctly.
Fixed an issue that was causing direct hits to sometimes not deal correct damage.
Fixed an issue where players with the Base Guard perk were not dealing damage to enemies that collided with them.
Fixed an issue where grenade icons would show as blocked after recalling.
The latest patch was hot fixed.

The tournament was played.

TW member Fire led his team to a victory.

VODs to be posted shortly!