I keep seeing articles like that which downplay 2019-nCoV (which has already infected 5 people in the US) while admitting how scary SARS (infected 8 people in the US) and MERS (infected 2 people in the US) was globally.

Considering we're just getting started with 2019-nCoV, I'm not sure we're out of the woods yet. Maybe we'll get lucky and this is just another random scare (like the Ebola outbreak). I'd be fine if we didn't all die in 2020 lol. :shrug:
Had a meeting with my Chinese customer yesterday at their office, they're all sitting there with their masks on. Seems like a bit of an over reaction to me, there's just one confirmed case in a city of 3 million people.

Thankfully I'm a supremely fit and healthy human specimen and my liver can jump tall buildings, so if I get it I'll probably just need a day off from the gym. But I can be selective about which fuckers I give it to. People who have pissed me off recently, that's who needs the masks.

Be the vector Be the gun
you've always wanted to be a gun
then you could say
people don't kill people
Guns Kill People
Had a meeting with my Chinese customer yesterday at their office, they're all sitting there with their masks on.


it depends.

if you are a young, healthy, working adult, cornovirus isn't worse than a bad burrito or some bad shrimp. if you are a boomer, i hope you have a will ready.

Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Something about this virus causing a "cytokine storm in healthier younger individuals"

MitchDubai said:
Had a meeting with my Chinese

See ya buddy. You should have engaged in casual racism of survival. I've been going in opposite direction when I see asians right now. Also if an asian works somewhere like a store I need to buy something from, I'm not buying from that store anymore
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I am a long time (30+ years) member to Kaiser. Every year, they push - no differently, mind you - their flu-shots like a dope dealer does with their drugs. And in your article, what do they recommend 3 times? Flu shots and the author spreads them out in the article masterfully.

Fewer than half of adults got a flu shot last season, according to the CDC. Even among children, who can be especially vulnerable to respiratory illnesses, only 62% received the vaccine.

Some people may worry less about the flu because there’s a vaccine, whose protection has ranged from 19% to 60% in recent years. Simply having the choice about whether to receive a flu shot can give people an illusion of control, Schaffner said.

Hotez, who is working to develop vaccines against neglected diseases, said he worries about unvaccinated children. Most kids who die from the flu haven’t been immunized against it, he said. And many were previously healthy.
So what do they want to do to get people to buy more flu shots?

If Americans aren’t afraid of the flu, perhaps that’s because they are inured to yearly warnings. For them, the flu is old news. Yet viruses named after foreign places — such as Ebola, Zika and Wuhan — inspire terror.

“Familiarity breeds indifference,” Schaffner said. “Because it’s new, it’s mysterious and comes from an exotic place, the coronavirus creates anxiety.”

Some doctors joke that the flu needs to be rebranded.

“We should rename influenza; call it XZ-47 virus, or something scarier,” said Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Scare them into getting them. Will be interesting to see if big-pharma begins to name standard strains of the flu bug in the coming years.
This is early so it's based more on assumptions but worthy of watching.

Clark County reports possible case of coronavirus
LAS VEGAS — Southern Nevada Health District officials have received a report of a potential case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in a Clark County resident.

The patient is in isolation at a hospital in Clark County. The patient will be monitored and under medical supervision while testing is conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There have been no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Clark County.

“The Health District has been monitoring this situation and working closely with our health care partners to ensure they were prepared for potential patients,” said Dr. Fermin Leguen, acting chief health officer for the Southern Nevada Health District. “Our hospitals are very experienced in isolating and taking care of ill patients, and we will continue to coordinate the testing process and communications with our partners at the state and the CDC.”

That would be a really shitty place to have shittybeervirus show up. Potential to spread far and wide from Las Vegas.
I drank many Coronas in Vegas. Nothing. Obviously I'm the antibody carrier everyone is looking for. Or something.
corona is literally mexican piss

When the other beers you can get brought to your table are Bud and Coors Lite, give me the Mexican pies every time. If I'm gonna drink for 13 hours straight and focus on the cards it's strong enough and taste is passable with a bit of lime.
i get where you're coming from, but corona tastes like literal skunk piss.

i'm not a fan of bud or coors either, but give me one of those any day over that skunk piss shit.

but i'll take a dos equis or a tecate over any of that shit.