It wasn't absolute like that.

It was "If you get vaccinated, you will be a lot less likely to become infected, and if you do become infected, a lot less likely to die."

It was absolute like that, it still is. What I posted is a direct cut 'n paste from the WHO website.
the only chuds I see are the ones who follow along with whatever the government says without question. These same chuds get upset about someone else not being vaccinated although it shouldn't fucking matter to them if they are or they are not.

How can a self respecting scientist say this shit after that garbage study?

“COVID-19 infection and the related vaccines both pose a risk for myocarditis. However, the relative risk of heart inflammation induced by COVID-19 infection is substantially greater than the risk posed by the vaccines,” said Dr. Paddy Ssentongo, a resident physician in the Department of Medicine at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the lead author of the study. “We hope our findings will help mitigate vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine uptake.”

That's literally misinformation, if you are a healthy man under the age of 40. A flat out lie. And vanster promulgates it :lol:
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