[1.41] Tribes AfterHope

+d-i dunno but i got kciked then reins
alled the tribes 1.40 and it all turned out decent netset working etc gg i will pu if i c stff around
okay so... i just got kicked for a bad "disk.dts" which is a t2 disk model

so i took that out

and now it says come back without happymod


what plugins are you running

if you're running like guistuff / hmcrasher then it hooks the same iff code that happymod does
Not sure if 1.41 is great or just a nuisance.

Is the whole idea behind it to keep tribes to it's original state with out using different types of dts models?

Like rocket disc or any other type of disc model?
u dummy i was talking to xml before, why would he use t2 model which isn't whitelisted, if he can use t1 model and delete the trail's color, so it would iirc look like t2 disc.