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81 - 03-23-2017, 03:47
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As I understand it, this is in a different universe.

Also, I think this was the first Xmen movie that had Xmen comics and stuff inside the world?
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82 - 03-23-2017, 08:52
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Originally Posted by Pengo View Post
Yeah they basically say that in the movie, repeatedly saying something inside him is poisoning him and at one point he says he knows whats wrong with him.

Yeah that seemed clearly laid out. calaban was working with the corporation/govt to hunt mutants. they never touched on why, or why he changed his mind. and yeah seems like xavier had one of his seizures and accidently hurt a bunch of people. I think they said it happened at his school. They gave that info in a background news broadcast or something in the movie. Probably the reason they smuggled him to mexico and locked him up.

I'm confused on the timeline. Is there any continuity with the other movies right now, or is this basically just a one off story? Are we going to have to have another time travel movie to avert this timeline where mutants are successfully hunted to extinction and mutant births are prevented via food? Is this the same timeline as X-men apocalypse?

Normally I wouldn't care, but they go through all the trouble to have all these connected stories and characters, seems kind of anti-climactic to show the future where mutants lost. I guess there is talk of Cable in an upcoming movie so maybe there will be more time travel...
Cable is probably going to be in Deadpool 2 which makes sense because they were in the comics together.

I would like to see more crossover with Deadpool and the other X-men. Actually the best would be if the whole mcu was together, but that won't happen
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