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1 - 02-05-2010, 12:23
New dedicated servers
Originally Posted by GReaper
As most of you have probably already seen now, there are a few new servers popping up on the game list for Legions. These are new dedicated servers run by some private testers. I'll try and give a few details here about what they're all about.

Who is involved?

Mabel - Game tweaks, updates, ingame stats, along with lots of other ingame modifications.
TaylorBalbi - Running the Central US servers, stats.
BugsPray - Hunters and rabbit mods.
Myself - Server code, IA party integration, Legions server communications, running the Central Euro servers.

What is Rabbit/Hunters?

These are two new game types which we're able to run on the dedicated servers. Torque potentially allows games to be modified server side without the client being forced to download any new files, which is what we're doing to add new game types.

Rabbit: You have to grab the flag and hold onto it as long as possible. You get points every few seconds you stay alive whilst holding the flag. Just run around the map as fast as possible and stay alive!

Hunters: Kill all the other players and take their flags! When a player dies they drop a flag along with all the other flags they're holding. Your objective is to take these flags towards the nexus in the middle of the map to get points. The more flags you're holding when you cap them at the nexus, the more points you get, eg. 5 flags give you 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 points. White flags = 1, blue flags = 3, red flags = 9 (quite rare).

A huge thanks to BugsPray for getting these mods up and running. He coded most of it a while ago, but unfortunately the lack of updates meant it never got released. Thanks to Mabel for sorting tweaks so they're able to run on the current Legions version.

Where are these servers? Who runs them? What are they?

- Germany - GReaper. All are prefixed with "LP", eg. LP_BloodEagle and LP_DiamondSword.
- Missouri, US - TaylorBalbi. All are prefixed with "NanuNanu", eg. NanuNanu1_Cent and NanuNanu2_Cent.

Running servers isn't cheap! If you want to donate to the running costs of the Central US server and, you can send a donation to [email protected]. Euro players who want to contribute something towards the EU game servers, contact me for the paypal address. Both are run out of separate funds, so make sure you know who you're donating to.

Don't forget to mention your IA nickname and team name so we know who's donating! We need to know who to thank, and who might be eligible for a small perk!

Can I run my own server?

No, we're still bound by NDAs and can't release this. Please don't bother asking - the answer is going to be no.

Hopefully we'll be eventually be able to give limited control of running servers to other people. Although this isn't as open as I'd like, it's still a huge step in the right direction.

I've got a problem on X server!

Contact either myself for EU servers, or TaylorBalbi for US servers.

Please note we won't tolerate team killers or any other form of abuse. We have full control and authority over these servers, including kicking and banning from the parties. We may grant control of the servers to other people to ensure a high quality of gameplay.

Don't bother yelling "admin abuse" either. These are our parties and what we decide is our own choice. Go and play in another party if you don't like our decisions.

Any questions? Reply here and I'll add it to this post if it's worthwhile for other people to know about!
All community-developed.
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thereal Shaolinmonk
2 - 02-08-2010, 12:45
Torque potentially allows games to be modified server side without the client being forced to download any new files
can it be modified to include more things from t1 and t2?

I'd like to try out hunters, thanks for releasing
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3 - 02-08-2010, 12:54
It depends on what you want. There are a lot of client-side changes that need to occur when you have things like turrets or vehicles (along with code changes, not just script changes), so that stuff is probably out the door. However, server features and stuff are pretty likely. For instance, we were able to change observer mode to include a health indicator when you point at someone in free fly mode.
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