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1 - 07-23-2008, 20:39
I hadn't played in a while (since 1.4) so I hopped on today, updated with both patches, and fired up the game.

Every time I hit refresh list for servers, it starts and says it's retrieving the entire amount of 14k-ish available servers. It displays about 8-10 and that's it. The list continues to count up and finally finishes. During the refresh, I lose internet connection.

I'm not having issues with the internet or router - it's always active and my xm stream never dies. Without fail though, if I "refresh list" it kills the internet connection.

I've reinstalled PB, but I haven't reinstalled COD4. I forwarded a port listed for COD4. Anyone else have any problems like this?
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2 - 07-24-2008, 00:55
i stuck to 1.6, but only cuz i saw some people complaining about 1.7 here.
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3 - 10-30-2008, 13:13
I have the same issue. For me it does not matter what patch I have.

My router cannot handle all the simultaneous connections and craps out. I have a netgear FR114. I did some research online and found this is a common issue with older netgears. The only fix is to buy a new router.
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Reload this Page Problem after 1.7

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