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Tribalwar Staff
1 - 03-05-2007, 17:30
Here's where it all starts.

Quoteth DakTheHork:

Okay time to revive this project sort of. I will help organize it although I really can't lead it atm and really get on people to do ****.

(min time you have to spend to be involved 5 minutes, just register on a site or two and make 1-3 posts, not very hard)

If we get involved I estimate a very high (96%+) chance to get in beta when it starts. Also we did the same stuff for guildwars and got in their guild beta being 1st chosen out of about 15 guilds so we know how to do it.

We currently have a very old thread on their forums, and prolly all the admins of the site / some devs might somewhat remember us. So it is time to refresh memories and try and ensure TW gets a good number of people into the beta to help test it.

  • New thread on warhammer online sites about our guild (we already have one)
  • Post in their forums a bit so we have some presence.
  • Idle in their IRC if you want and it is simple for you.

I'm going to set a tentative date of wednesday for the zerg rush. Basically anyone you plan on playing Warhammer online with get them involved, and all the normal TW folks. Even if you are casual it can help out if you just put a post down, since when the game comes out your guildmates can help you.

Just take 5-20 min out of your time and participate in the zerg rush and it will most likely help us a ton for getting some people in Beta. Even if you don't get in beta, it still helps a lot to have people in beta who can refer more TW'ers in. Also this will help us prepare for when the game releases to have an actual organized TW Warhammer online presence so we can smash **** like

So this is just Informative on what we will be doing soon. I think it will go over a lot better if we get a bigger initial rush and have it semi organized instead of people trickling on.

BTW this is open to all Tribalwar members and others interested who have the heart of a TWer (aka no heart).

For now you can register on the site Warhammer Alliance. Put your normal alias aka "Dac The Hork" not "BE Dac The Hork" etc.

and here is our sig (you will have to cut and copy)

Blood Eagle

So if you want register and update your sig then just wait till we wednesday or whenever we restart the push.

"They call us butchers, murderers, and worse, as if pretty rules govern war. Heh. There***8217;s only one rule: win! Whatever the cost! If the other tribes are too soft, we***8217;ll carve the blood eagle on their sorry carcasses and carry the remains as banners into battle. It***8217;s simple: Win and live. Lose and die."

Original thread below:

Originally Posted by Eggi View Post
Warhammer Online

Age of Reckoning

Warhammer online is an upcoming MMORPG by Mythic Entertainment, mostly known for DaoC, but it goes back to 1995. It will feature at release six races; Dark Elf, Human, High Elf, Chaos, Greenskin (goblin/orc), and Dwarfs. These races will each have a realm and capital city that is conquerable in RvR.

It is based on RvR, PvP, and PvE combat with more emphasis on RvR and PvP global combat than games like WoW. The graphics will be in between the cartoony WoW and the realistic EQ2, hopefully a good medium between realism and artistry. The next thing is the races will all actually be different featuring specific classes and abilities tailored for each race. The game will undergo a year long beta starting in the upcoming months hopefully. It will be less based on levels and epic gear then games like WoW.

Some of the more ambitious goals are the allowing of characters to go through the game doing nothing but PvP. Starting from the second you enter the game you will be in a PvP area and have to fight your racial enemy. Then after a bit you can go on your own way. They are hoping to make PvE and PvP optional for both player categories and allowing you to choose how you play the game, instead of forcing you to do things their way.

PvE Aspects

There are some cool examples of PvE missions. I have sought to classify them in different categories. Although I personally find PvE less interesting, some of the ideas seem all right.

Public Missions: These are global quests, such as an area with a catapult that needs to be built- it requires wood, hair, and barrels. Everyone in the area can access this quest when they enter and help out, when it is done everyone will receive an award, with more going to those who did well. In some instances these objectives help out PvP players and give them some boosts.

"Among your everyday array of time-fodder will be PvP-specific quests that will require players to trade blows, in one form or another, with living and breathing enemies. These could be a simple as a collection quest -- say, one that requires an Orc player to kill ten Dwarves and collect their beards. Another may require Orc players to collectively gather enough flagons of beer to rouse a giant from slumber, in order to have him wreak havoc on the Dwarves"

The game is still under development with more then a year time before release so more will be known later.

Character Progression

Still very sketchy but here are some of the things popping out:

***8220;Mythic is envisioning a more open-ended and organic system. It will work like this: players will have access to a large set of skills, each of which will have a defined progression path. They'll be able to work on three skills at any given time, gaining "experience" for those skills as they complete quests, kills monsters, or defeat other players in PvP. Once a skill levels up, they can choose another one to work on, be it the next skill on the path, or an entirely different one. Each class' choices will be limited to certain set of skills, though there will be overlap in some areas."

PvP Aspects

Skirmishes: This is the label for open PvP, the natural style without rules or objectives.

Battlefields: These are the large PvP zones where the sides go to war and fight to control key objectives.

Scenarios: These are the instanced matches, which won***8217;t be the ***8220;true pvp***8221; of WoW but more of a place to get an even matchup and do weird styles which make no sense in real warfare, like CTF and that stuff. These are the instanced pvp fights.

Capitals: This is sort of like the victory, once you wage war and kick the **** out of the enemy enough you can invade their capital. This is actually hurtful to the enemy and some services may not be available, and access to the capital will most likely involve dying to the invaders. There will likely be a reset every now and then so the Capital can be retaken by the race that uses it.

btw Warcraft stole a lot from Warhammer not the other way around. Warhammer has been around 25 years and the characters ingame are identical to the miniatures in the boardgame.

Blood Eagle

A Warhammer Guild
Originally Posted by Eggi View Post

Blood Eagle will be primarily a TW based guild for Warhammer Online. Currently a good base of active members and people interested. We have a good reputation on Warhammer Alliance and IRC chat with developers at mythic.

We have strived to treat all members with respect and tolerance. You don't have to give your life to the guild and show up 4 hours a day for stupid raids. Also the acryonym DKP will never exist inside of Blood Eagle. The guild is designed to be fun, give individual freedom, and allow members to do what they want. Want to form a squad with your pals inside of TW? Fine. You won't be yelled at, kicked out for stupid reasons, etc. BE will obviously have hardcore badass members, squads, or whatever you can imagine ingame. The reason behind any guild is organizational so you can do stuff like raid capitals, fun events, and play with people who don't suck if you want.

Join our irc to take part: #who

Doesn't require oodles of time, just longterm interest and check ins every now and then.
and, as mentioned above, mythic developers frequent an "unofficial" warhammer online irc server: #warhammeronline
so you get a lot of up to date info/news if you idle in there as well


Be a fun guild to be a part of, but also keep community and not be the zerg.

Be good testers, make the game better, and balanced.

Take over capitals and have a big influence on the Realm versus Realm battles.

Races: We will most likely be on the Destruction side. This is the Dark Elf, Chaos, and Greenskin side. This is still under consideration. If the guild is limited to one race we will have three regiments, one for each race which will work together.
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2 - 03-05-2007, 17:35

thx btw
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3 - 03-05-2007, 17:44
brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug!
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4 - 03-05-2007, 18:47
i'm confused... i can't see hwere to edit signature.
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5 - 03-05-2007, 18:49
Regged as Glayve on WA, since Wulfen is a lame nick and 3569 people have some variation of it on that site.
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6 - 03-05-2007, 19:06
Thanks for the new forum. I'm looking forward to this.
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7 - 03-05-2007, 19:11
Originally Posted by Detox.enD View Post
i'm confused... i can't see hwere to edit signature.

log in, go to user cp, then on the left signature.
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8 - 03-05-2007, 19:55
reg'd as Goshin, have everything ready to post.

tell me when!?!
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9 - 03-05-2007, 19:56
Where is our IRC home? or dynamix?
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10 - 03-05-2007, 23:15
Bad ass, thanks Kelster!
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Last edited by Dalmar; 03-06-2007 at 00:32..
11 - 03-05-2007, 23:16
Originally Posted by Detox.enD View Post
i'm confused... i can't see hwere to edit signature.
You have to confirm your account via email before you can edit your sig.
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12 - 03-05-2007, 23:19
Originally Posted by Zelgaddiss View Post
Where is our IRC home? or dynamix? #war is where people seem to be.
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13 - 03-06-2007, 12:46
Posting on there as vortanovic right now.
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14 - 03-06-2007, 12:55
Registered as Sonicfear and set up the Bloodeagle Sig.
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15 - 03-06-2007, 15:05
If anyone is getting the sig is too long error and cant fit in the quotation. Left justify the Quote, take the line break out between the quote and Blood eagle, then center justify the Blood Eagle.
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