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1 - 01-15-2008, 11:51
I'll be using this to keep you Bria guys updated on what's been happening and what will happen.
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2 - 01-15-2008, 11:54
PVP Bria Pilots Weekly Event schedule:

Tuesday and Sunday nights at 10pm EST

Meeting place:
Endor Claw Station or Imperial Star Destroyer aka ISD (In Deep Space) for Imperials

Dantooine Deep Space Station or Freedom Station aka FS (In Deep Space) for rebels

People to contact:
Kadden / Shambala, TK-XXI / Kahliqin / Cortek, Sivos or Qel for the Rebels

Krazy-Kody / Krazymaniak, Zuchisen, Ecru / Jasoni and Bioo for the Imperials
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3 - 01-15-2008, 12:06
This guy Larce puts on some very cool PvP events. He's a great guy and an ex-LST member. Anyone can participate but you must be factioned Imp or Reb and must be PvP Enabled (Special Forces). His events are usually packed and people will set up faction camps to respawn at, so expect to die alot but you'll also make some really good GCW (Galactic Civil War) Points.

Ground PvP Event: Dathomir Prison Break


With the imperial victory at the temple event, they get the advantage of having me locked up at the Imperial Prison POI on Dathomir. In this event it will be sorta similar to the last except this will be a capture and escort mission for the rebels.

The empire will have the advantage of hiding me anywhere within the Dathomir Prison, this includes the central base, any of the smaller buildings and even the cave in the back (Yes there is a cave). They are allowed to hide me anywhere they please inside the base and move me as they see fit. Their job is simple, defend me and keep me out of the rebel's hands. The rebellion has a tougher job this time as they lost me in the last event. The rebels will have to break in the prison, capture me and escort me to the Science Outpost.

The Empire will get a camp to port straight to the prison, this is a EMPIRE ONLY CAMP. (As close as I can get it)
The Rebellion is not to use the camp, if a major port in happens from the rebs through the camp consider yourselves the losers.
The Empire is to use the Trade Outpost for shuttling into the planet to get to the camp out at the prison.
The Rebellion will get their own camp 1000 +/- meters out from the POI.
The Rebellion is to use the Science Outpost to port into the planet and to get to their camp.
The Rebellion will have 3 attempts to capture me.
The Empire can move me to anywhere in the prison as long as I have escorts (Must have 4 escorts at all times and grouped with me).
The Rebellion will have to capture me with at least 4 rebels to escort me out of the base, they must be grouped with me.
The Empire will have to chase the rebels down if they escape with me, no porting to the science outpost, got to shoot down whatever ride I am in and put me in your's (Yes I will group with whoever recaptures me, must be 4 folks).


1. If you beat off all 3 Rebel attempts.
2. The rebels quit before using all 3 attempts.
3. Major rebel attack from your shuttle camp (Accidental port-ins from individuals do not count, 40 dudes rolling in, yeah I have an issue)
4. If you lose me and re-capture me.
A. If I am off the base, you escort me back to the base successfully. (4 Escorts) (This will count against rebels attempts)
B. If I am on the base, you have to recapture me and hold me for 5 minutes. (This will count against rebels attempts)
C. If you do either of these and it uses up the last of the rebel attempts you will win.

1. You successfully break into the prison, escort me with 4 folks (They have to be grouped with me), and drive me to the Science Outpost with all 4 escorts.
2. You have 3 attempts to do this, attempts will be counted as total wipes, successful imperial recapturing of me, or if you decide to pull out to re-group.
3. If you quit before all the attempts are used, the Empire wins.

CLARITY: Yes a SF rebel CAN enter the central building there, I went out there the other day SF and walked right in, so there is NO faction restriction to this building.
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