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Reload this Page Understanding the basics. [combat, UI, "/"commands and more]
1 - 01-14-2008, 13:11
Character Creation
Star Wars Galaxies
Basic guide get you going.

Understanding Keymapping Basics
Star Wars Galaxies
SWG is VERY customizable. If you're having a tough time with th default setup, look here.

Understanding the Community Window
Star Wars Galaxies
The community window has TONS of options and affects how others view you as well as seeking out others with similar interests.

Character stats: Just the basics.
Star Wars Galaxies
Short guide to the basic attributes and their relation to dropped buff loot "stims".

Combat Prep: In-Depth understanding your character stats, food, armor and more.
Star Wars Galaxies
WTF do all these stats do? Here's what. Loooooooooooooong read but well worth it for the micromanagment gamer.

Understanding Combat Targetting
Star Wars Galaxies
Tells you how to configure the combat targetting on the ground.

Understanding the Bazaar Terminal
Star Wars Galaxies
So now you've got some levels on you and want to buy a shiny new blaster, better quality armor, a big flashy car or maybe you just want a decent shirt. Here's how you find stuff.

Grouping Commands

Group management can be performed from anywhere in the galaxy.

/invite <name>
Invite the named or targeted player to a group (only group leaders can invite additional people into an existing group)

/uninvite <name>
Cancel the group invitation to the named or targeted player

Joins group or band if you have been invited

/makeLeader <name>
Group leader only - transfers leadership to named or targeted group member

/makeMasterLooter <name>
Make the named or targeted player the master looter for the group

Sends message to group channel

/dismissGroupMember <name> Dismiss the named or targeted player from the group
/disband <target>
Group leader only - disbands current target, or entire group if no target is named

You cannot /invite while you are in combat or the invitee is in combat. You cannot /join while you are in combat or the inviter/group leader is in combat. Stealthed characters can use /invite and /uninvite.

Usefull Slash Commands

You can bring up a complete list of special commands in game by typing "//". Note that many commands need a target.

Adds power to selected structure

Sets your character to anonymous for the purpose of searches

/consider (/con)
Displays difficulty rating of creature or NPCs compared to the your skill with your weapon in hand

Displays whatever text you follow it with as an action of your character. For example, if your name is Laine and you type "/emote loves Tatooine", then "Laine loves Tatooine" will be seen by everyone in your area.

Brings up list of commonly searched for locations; selecting a location will create a waypoint to the nearest one of that type

/flushGraphicsResources fullReset "Flushes" graphics (this can make an amazing difference if you've been playing for a few hours and have bounced through several different planets)

Auto-follows your target; use /stopfollow to cease following

Searches the area for anything useful

Urge your mount go faster for a short time

Sends message to guild channel

Removes target or self from your current guild

Changes stance to kneeling

Sets your character to "looking for group" for purpose of searches

Actively listens to target musician

Logs your character off the server; you should be in a city, house or campsite for a safe logout, otherwise your character will be at the mercy of the world for 3 additional minutes

Loots targeted corpse

Saves your game mail on your computer

/mood none
Returns your default mood to neutral

Displays list of moods

Allows modifications to a text file that gets saved as "notes.txt" in your base profile directory

Changes stance to prone

/retell (/rt)
Sends tell to the last person you sent a tell to

/reply (/r)
Sends a tell to the last person to send a tell to you

Sets your character to "Role Player"

Used by Traders to take a resource sample after surveying

/showinstance Shows information about current instance lockout timers

Changes stance to standing

/startdance <dance>
Begins the dance style that you indicate

Ends autofollow command

/tell (/t)
Sends an instant message to the character indicated; you can send the message to multiple people by separating their names with a comma

Sends a command privately to your pet

/tip <name> <amount>
Automatically transfers this number of credits to your target; you can also use /tip <name> <amount> bank to send money directly to his bank, but there is a 5% transfer fee to do this

/ui hudreset Resets the windows and toolbar
Keeps the target character from moving your corpse if you have already given him permission with /consent
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Reload this Page Understanding the basics. [combat, UI, "/"commands and more]

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