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1 - 02-19-2008, 10:41
There has been a big movment from smaller servers, and Sunday night on Bria we had a huge space battle, Imps vs. Rebs.

Brugan Lonestar captained his YT-2400 (Dash Rendar's "Outrider") along with BBDart and his crew in his Rebel Gunboat (6 turreNtz onoes!), 4 X-Wings, 6 A-Wings and 3 B-Wings against a cluster of Imperial Tie Oppressors, Tie Interceptors and Tie Advanced.

The fighting was fast paced and my YT was scoring quite a few kills until the Imperials brought in THREE Gunboats of their own, 1 YE-4 and 2 Vigos!

At the peak of the fighting there were nearly 60 players, roughly 30 per side.

If you haven't given SWG space combat a try I highly encourage you to get involved, it's my personal favorite aspect of the game. Even if you're a crappy pilot or don't have the equipment/certifications to compete yet, you can still enjoy the fun by applying to be a gunner on either a Y-Wing, a 2 turret "POB" (think Millenium Falcon) or as a part of a bigger crew on a Gunboat.

If you've been working on your favorite fighter and just can't seem to get the right part to fit or are unsure how to set your ship up, send Brugan a mail and I'll get you fixed right up.

If you haven't already, get involved, the space scene is growing on Bria and space is more exciting than ever!

Remember, Every Sunday Night and Tuesday Night is Space PvP night on Bria, with Sunday being the biggest draw. The action typically kicks off around 9pm Central and goes on as long as there's people to shoot at. if you're pressed for time (have to sleep for work the next morning) don't worry, most battles last around 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Trust me that's more than enough time to have a blast
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2 - 03-05-2008, 21:38
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Reload this Page [NEWS] Nearly 60 people Sunday night in Deep Space (PvP)

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