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1 - 05-21-2008, 02:57
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Ixiterra [As Ks]
gchacha: folds
SebastianSt: raises $2 to $4
Ixiterra: raises $2 to $6
bienvenue: calls $4
SebastianSt: calls $2
*** FLOP *** [Ts Js Qs]
Ixiterra: bets $2
bienvenue: folds
SebastianSt: folds
Uncalled bet ($2) returned to Ixiterra
Ixiterra collected $18 from pot
Ixiterra: doesn't show hand

How amazing. I think that's my 3rd spade royal, they like me. Poker ****ing sucks btw.
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2 - 05-21-2008, 09:34
Nice. I flopped a ten high straight flush, stacked the guy who tried to bluff on the river at me after he paired his AK on the turn then scooped the $500+ jackpot. :] Except that was 10 full ring ;D

$1/$2 NL at Imperial Palace
I was in MP limped with 6c8c
Guy raised on button to $10
BB calls
Flop came 7c9cTc
I checked
Guy bets $20
BB folds
I smooth call
Turn Kx
I check again he bets $30
Raise to $80
He calls
River is a 4c
He bluffs with AK on the river All-In for his last $60 or so.
I call and double...that was the first hand I played. I had been sitting there for about ten minutes.

Everyone was amazed how I wasn't jittery at all but I swore I was showing it all over when I was in the hand. Best hand I ever had and that includes 3 royals I had in a two week span that didn't net me nearly what that did.

BTW I knew exactly what this thread was because I ran the numbers on my hand 9 handed the second I got home from Vegas that trip.
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3 - 05-23-2008, 19:40
my favorite longshots:

this was for a massive chiplead in the nightly Stars $162 MTT
i run bad -- villain who 3-bet UTG claims to have folded KK

h8 poker
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