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1 - 01-19-2009, 17:35
I found this offer a few days back for a free 50$ + another 50$ @900FTP points, so I made an account and signed up on FTP. I neglected investigating various rakeback options.

Apparently you have to input the information when you make the account, or else it is impossible to start getting rakeback (at least the site I looked at said as much).

Once the money is freed up @1000 FTP points, should I create a new account with the rakeback promotion and transfer it there? Is there a certain rakeback service I should use?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm playing the lowest of the low limits since I'm just playing on the free money (up to 96$ though!)
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2 - 01-22-2009, 00:13
rakeback + bonuses is great for starting out when you dont really know what youre doing
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3 - 01-22-2009, 00:45
Apparently since I got a free bankroll, I can't be eligible for rakeback on that account ever. Supposedly you also can't make a second account for Full Tilt, which is pretty unfortunate. I guess I can cash out and take it to another site, but I'm not sure which ones are good/trustworthy.

On the plus side, I'm up 50$.
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4 - 01-23-2009, 21:38
This is dating back awhile ago, but I made a second account after having 1 for a few months, just to get rakeback. Never had any problems. I figure if anything is ever brought up, I would say I had no access to first account. Email change + forgotten password excuse would probally get you off the hook
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5 - 01-23-2009, 22:19
i've known multiple people who have started a 2nd account for rakeback, all of them have been caught. only one of them got to keep their rakeback account, all others had their funds transferred to the original account. I can say with fair certainty that if(when) you get caught, since you used an affiliate, you will not get to keep your rakeback account.
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6 - 01-26-2009, 01:18
close affiliate account open rakeback account

problem solved
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Reload this Page How important is rakeback for a beginner?

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