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1 - 12-23-2008, 13:02
Hey all,

Im going to Vegas in February and want to play a few day tournaments. What are the best?
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2 - 01-03-2009, 01:37
Eh, it might depend upon where you're staying as to how much "travelling" you'll want to do up & down the strip. (ie, if you're staying at one end, it'd suck to walk to the other.)

I was just there in early December and here's what I found...

The first night I was there, I decided to play the small tourney at Treasure Island. I was staying at the Palazzo which is right across the street. It was a $65 buy-in but the caveat was "alternates" could buy-in up to 1 hr into the tourney. Read: anyone that busted out in the 1st hr could come back as an "alternate".
Result: I busted out in 6th; they paid thru 3. :-\ Of the top 3 that remained, 1 had bought back in and 1 had showed up just before the cut-off for alternates mark. Bleh. Next time I go to Vegas, I play this tourney and show up 45min into it.

The next night, I decided to check out the Ventian poker room. (Reference: the Ventian is connected to the Palazzo.) This is poker room is VERY nice; in fact, when I go back, I may only play here. As far as their tourneys, they have a $175 tourney fairly regularly. I didn't play it tho. I spent my time on the $1-2 table.

On the first night playing there, I more than doubled up in about 3 hrs time. And the great thing is that the buy-in range at the tables are capped. On the $1-2 tables, the min buy-in is $100, while the max buy-in is $300. This prevents the jokers with 5 large sitting down and just pushing everyone out with his stack. When I was there, no one ever bought in for the $300 max. Most everyone bought in at ~$200 (a few at $100 and one at $280).

Now, for whatever it's worth, I have heard that the poker room at MGM is a better place to play as far as "more tourists" go (although, I did not play there). I did notice that there were a lot of locals at the Venetian. The MGM is at the other end of the strip from the Palazzo/Venetian, so I never made it there to play poker. (Although, I did go see the Cirque De Soliel show "Ka" at MGM.)

As for the next time, I would like to do some or all of the following:
- bring enough $ to play the $2-5 table at the Venetian
- play the $65 tourney at TI again (showing up late)
- play at the MGM

Anyway, I hoped that helps some. If you take some time to Google, you can find all the tourney info you need. There's some great websites out there that have all the info - from buy-in to dates & times to "annoyance factors". (sorry, I didn't keep any links.)
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3 - 01-03-2009, 16:33
when i get drunk and want to blow some money @ 1/2 i usually go to MGM, everyone ****ing sucks there...ceasers is good for tournies i uess but all the structures suck on those daily tournies so just play cash imo
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4 - 01-04-2009, 12:05
how cheap can one stay in vegas while still being close to the strip?
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5 - 01-27-2009, 02:49
I was just in Vegas and the Excalibur had a 9AM(I think) Poker tourney with a 20$ buy-in.

It's really cheap to stay in Vegas right now, they are really hurting you can stay in a decent hotel for pretty damn cheap.
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