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Reload this Page so I fly fish and kayak at the same time....
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1 - 10-12-2015, 20:48
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only i can't right now because the river is going to freeze up. its going to thaw eventually though and I don't want to show up a weak, puny man unable to paddle or swing some line around.

so what exercises target the **** you need for kayaking? Can anyone tell me the answer so I can prepare for next season?
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2 - 10-14-2015, 06:14
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Latissimus dorsi and rhomboideus are the muscle groups you need for swinging the arms in kayaking.

Then there are obliques, multi-fidus, erector spinae + other core muscles you need to a) isometrically keep you in rowing position/posture b) rotate your trunk to generate movement to take a load of the hands.

optimally you want to first increase your 1 RM in exercise that target rhomboideus and latissimus dorsi (chin ups, seated rows) do these for 50% of the off time you have. After that for the remainder of the off time you'll want to increase your muscle endurance in the same muscle groups with longer sets 15-30 repetitions.

for the "core" you could do the same (deadlift, hanging leg raises etc.) to increase 1RM, this would be beneficial for other than just kayaking. But you could also just target isometrically those muscles that hold your posture (planking, various yoga poses) and strength train obliques and other core muscles that rotate the drunk (windshield wipers, twisting rows etc.)

All of this is probably silly and close to useless as you're probably in bad shape and just generally increasing your strength levels throughout your body would probably do as much and is more beneficial for your health. maximal strength is very important attribute in all endurance activities not just strength sports.

However kayaking if you're not doing rivers with fast currents requires nothing at all, maybe little bit strength and endurance in deltoids to hold the oar. Cardiovascular system is unlikely to be strained if you paddle with low speeds.

and fly fishing....

**** I don't even know why I bothered :/
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3 - 10-14-2015, 19:37
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why not use a rowing machine, i.e. concept2 erg
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4 - 10-16-2015, 18:33
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alternatively you could just do a normal strength training routine and then when you start kayaking again you will be fine after you get sore once
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Reload this Page so I fly fish and kayak at the same time....

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