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21 - 10-08-2011, 20:17
Originally Posted by Feannag View Post
So time to tell my little story...

Well when my coworker realized the crap that went down with destroying his tree and the bridge between his residences he did a "**** you" maneuver. He had planted a tree up in the sky for a chuckle a week earlier, and it was met with a sign saying no trees in the sky. The tree the owner's wife cut down was the "second warning" on his house because that first one was the first warning I guess.

Well he decided to plant a bunch of trees all over the place before leaving a couple of colorful signs around his place. I had an indirect hand in it by supplying him with as much bonemeal as I could to grow the trees. I figured I wasn't coming back so why not? So I followed him around town while he made sky dirt blocks to plant trees and grow them with bonemeal. He started with his house, and then started to put them around the owner buildings. We both log out for the night after I tag along to watch him plant sky trees everywhere.

The next day I log on to see what happened. Sure enough all his trees are gone and his residence plots were formatted and he was probably banned. So I go around to my house and find something very wrong. When I went to it I called a couple of mods to say something ****ed up my house. upon closer inspection I realize why it is so familiar. As near as I can tell the owner's wife basically "rolled back" my avatar's actions to 24 hours after I joined. So the three or four floors (and glass garden) on my house was completely cut into nothing and my chests were emptied and my bed broken in half.

The mods obviously were trying to investigate and I told them the owner's ***** of a wife did it and "so long and thanks for all the fish" and logged off.

The owner's wife is a complete **** and **** Grimworld. Sorry Yoda, I know you're a mod there and that's cool but I can't play there when that ****-hole puts up all these nazi rules.
She can be a little much. She likes her building code and likes to enforce it...
As yoda suggested, you guys should probably just start a town out away from the little kiddies. Rules are pretty lax if you are outside Kiriath, just no pixel art really.
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22 - 10-08-2011, 20:26
Well if Bran still have a TW discount code I'll use that to start a 10-slot Minecraft server.
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23 - 10-19-2011, 02:24
<<< guy that did the "**** You" to them

Literally, had a tree, not touching anything but my house, on my house, and yet... couldnt have that lol.

O well, good thing im not on that server anymore. It was quite annoying.
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24 - 10-19-2011, 08:16
Well good thing that server sucks monkey balls. Your server feann so far kicks ass.
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25 - 10-19-2011, 14:25
BRan uploaded the whole dynmap plugin to my server for me, including the ASPX file that was "forbidden" so if some luck I can get a map going. Been a player for a couple days, no I have to spend a couple as an admin.
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