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1 - 09-30-2011, 11:11
So I just hit 50 on my Mage. I'm kinda burnt out on playing her right now from grinding all the way to 50.

After doing lots of PvP i've decided that Clerics and Warriors are pretty much the OP classes. I've already going Inquisitor / Cabalist to AoE grind my cleric, but I don't really know of any solid leveling builds for Warriors. She's level 13, so Champion is kind of a lame build at the moment..i've tried Riftblade / Reaver and I like it, but I was thinking about a Paragon build. Before I get too caught up in spec ADD, I was gonna ask if any of you have some advice as to what I could grind the fastest, since I have like 15 xp potions to blow through.

Oops, almost forgot..

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3 - 10-01-2011, 07:14
thanks buddy
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4 - 10-07-2011, 00:27
My paragon tears **** up. PVE and PVP he is such a beast. I am looking for a tank spec that is really uncomplicated though. I hate tanking right now with my Paladin/Warlord because it just seems like I have waaaaay too many abilities to keep up with. 3 different support builders, a bunch of damage reduction things, buffs, etc. and for all that I dont feel like im that good at "tanking" (damage mitigation and threat). I do feel like my group is able to kill **** faster with me covering so much support stuff, but it just isnt FUN.

Gimme a good tank build for my warrior that is uncomplicated. <3
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