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1 - 07-28-2020, 12:31
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If anyone knows a map or a route where you get a higher number of ski bugs please spend some time skiing on the United States Base x64 server to see if you can still get the ski bug.

Please mention the scenario here if you have chanced upon a way to trigger the ski bug more frequently.

Last February I fixed a darkstar bug in unhelpful's x64 that cropped up in testing of 256 tick rate servers. Since then I haven't been able to reproduce the ski bug on US Base but I might be unlucky.

Game engines for large universes have trouble with floating point overflow - numbers that get so big they won't fit in single precision floating point (FP32).

Darkstar has a problem at the other end - floating point underflow - fractions that get so small they are at the edge of what will fit in FP32.

If a move is tiny enough it can appear to darkstar that the move didn't complete and therefore something must be blocking you.
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2 - 07-29-2020, 18:26
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thats interesting,

SH is prolly best to test it
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3 - 08-06-2020, 14:42
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Rotate the terrain a slight bit and have fun. Things get freaky with even a little rotation.
rotation = "0 -1.04659 0"; is quite a bit, and angled like a giant hill without too many errors, but rotation = "0 0 0.1"; will create some problems.

From a valley - dual terrain map called 1V
		instant SimTerrain "Terrain" {
			tedFileName = "FreeForAll.dtf";
			visibleDistance = "500";
			hazeDistance = "450";
			hazeVerticalMin = "-NAN";
			hazeVerticalMax = "1.26505e-38";
			perspectiveDistance = "10";
			screenSize = "40";
			contGravity = "0 0 -15";
			contDrag = "0";
			contHeight = "10000";
			position = "-150 -3072 -557.553";
			rotation = "0 -1.04659 0";
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The Magical Zoo
4 - 08-13-2020, 21:28
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by far the most common is xtremeski2, right after the first sharp right turn. It happens when you go down the chute, right before you go on a long flying route and then ski upwards.
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Reload this Page Ski bug fixed?

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