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    Landscape DIY or No

    I'm putting a pool in my backyard and my landscape is fucking thrashed. All of the irrigation, sod, landscape lighting, and some shrubs need to be replaced. I have a 1/2 acre of land that needs all of that work. Would you try doing it yourself or would you pay someone (and around here it's...
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    [Breaking]Truck plows into parade crowd New Orleans

    NOPD: 12 critical after car plows into Endymion parade crowd - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social
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    Are these things worth it or not? My wife wants one and it seems it should help a lot with dog hair around my house.
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    [Gardening] Hedge trimmers, tree pruners, and chainsaws

    Any good recommendations for USA built yard pruning equipment? I'm assuming I would probably need several pieces of gear given the list of stuff in my yards. 17 queen palms 3 sago palms 6 various other palms 1 banana tree 6 fruit trees 20 birds of paradise and a ton of shrubbery
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    What the fuck are you making for Christmas?

    What's your dinner of choice this year, TW? I ordered duck breasts to make duck l'orange, but FedEx fucked up the delivery. The breasts arrived almost 48 hours late and were rancid, so now I'm prepping a lasagna.
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    Dry aging steaks

    I have a wild idea to try and dry age some steaks for shits and giggles. Any of you guys ever done this? Any recommendations? I guess for a basic setup I was looking at getting a mini-fridge and putting a fan inside of it to circulate the air.
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    I want to buy a new coffee grinder for drip and french press. What does TW recommend? Budget is 100-200 dollars
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    [Networking]Single-mode fiber vs Multi-mode fiber

    I know we have a few fiber experts that lurk on TW and I have a couple of questions. Background: I am recabling all of my sites with CAT6A copper and will be recabling all of the fiber from MDF to IDF as well. Each site has a star topology, in regards to MDF to IDF connections. Goal: I am...
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    [Holiday Bullshit]Ten Days or whatever of Kwanzaa

    It looks like the creators of Cards Against Humanity are back again with more Holiday Bullshit.
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    So I got a slow cooker...

    What the hell do I do with this thing? Any recommendations for recipes and what not? And yes, I will be trying the pulled pork giga wrote about.
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    What's your Thanksgiving drink this year?

    So American TWers... What will you be drinking on this turkey day? I'll be on a 2005 Bond Plurbis red blend and a 2008 Ovid Cabernet Sauvignon. The night will probably close with an 18 year Macallan :sunny:
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    Hey sehvi

    Who is Joop Schoen?
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    "Cosmic Factory" Creates Amino Acids

    Scientists discover cosmic factory for making building blocks of life Discuss
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    Happy Birthday

    Rho , Vampire (31) , B R O L L Y (26) , Hologram (25) :birthday:
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    Butter poached potatoes

    About 2.5lbs marble potatoes Enough emulsified butter to completely cover potatoes Some garlic (roasted or confit) to your liking Fresh thyme and rosemary A bay leaf or two Preheat the over to 200F. Slice the potatoes in half throw them in a sauce pan. Cover them completely with the emulsified...
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    Washington State is pretty retarded

    Washington state gets rid of sexist language
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    Microsoft Exchange 2013

    I'm not real familiar with Microsoft's Exchange, but I kind of want to get our Exchange server setup upgraded from 2007 SP3. Any of you dudes have any recommendations on how to do this without too many issues? What are your thoughts on virtual server versus physical server? We only have a...
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    Salmon with Crisped Skin

    I've been getting a bit experimental lately and I love salmon. I've heard that crisped skin is pretty good and, as it turns out, it is. Here's what I've been doing lately... I cook for two people, including myself, so I only cook two fillets at a time. Ingredients: Sockeye or King Salmon...
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    [Breaking]Shots Fired at Denver 4/20 Celebration

    Police: Shots fired at Colo. pot holiday gathering - CBS News
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    Wireless Site Survey Software

    Any of you guys have any experience using, preferably, free wireless site survey software? The ultimate goal is just to analyze where my wireless is strongest and weakest. Any suggestions? I was messing around with Kismet, but it isn't exactly what I am looking for. I know of NetSpot app for OS...