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    So... Still Goin' Huh?

    Nifty. It's like knowing your crazy uncle will always be there to molest you as soon as you go to sleep.
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    I made a joke.

    Why do fruit always have large weddings? .... Because they Cantaloupe.
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    God I love Wilco.

    Jeff Tweedy's doing two solo shows in LA in feb. Got tickets to both. It's going to be fucking incredible. Anyone else here a wilco fan?
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    Sooooo.... Why was Ayzian perma banned? CURIOSITY KILLED TEH KITTANS!!!! :worried:
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    New Absentee Demos. [Band]

    Yep, Yep. We're getting ready to go back in to record an E.P, and we have some ROUGH scratch tracks we recorded just to go over with our producer and get ready to go. But I figured I'd throw 'em up here and see what you guys thought of 'em, just general critique really of "Song sounds great"...
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    For all of you who use the phrase "Turkey Day"

    FUCK YOU and the fucking PATHETIC holiday wishes you rode in on. Worst bastardized nick name of a holiday EVER.
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    Current CD's Finding play in your cd player.

    Wilco - Summerteeth Joanna Newsom: Milk-eyed Mender Day Of Lions/Flashing Red Lights - Split Maria Taylor - 11-11 The Hold Steady - Seperation Sunday Ryan Adams - Cold Roses Sufjan Stevens - Illinois Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary And some comps some friends made me. Wow, I need to...
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    Miss me?
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    A college professor was doing a study testing the senses of first graders, using a bowl of lifesavers. He gave all the children the same kind of lifesavers, one at a time, and asked them to identify them by color and flavor. The children began: "Red............cherry," "Yellow.........lemon,"...
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    <ptavv> i just figured out why my hand was bloody last night <Perrin> because you masturbated to much? <ptavv> no <ptavv> but i need to go talk to someone <ptavv> asap <Baby_Bew|TheMaori> why <ptavv> so adios <Baby_Bew|TheMaori> are you pregnant? <ptavv> ill explain later * ptavv has quit IRC...
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    Couple new self produced songs up (Pro Tools) Tell me what ya' think. Antonio Carlos Jobim is a massively changed cover of a heatmiser song. The rest are originals. And we've established that I sound like a pre-pubescent little bitch, so although we can go over that more, I'd more love to hear what people think of the production...
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    New Song (Me doing Heatmiser\elliott smith cover)

    New Song Recorded, let me know what you think of the production. The original song is Antonio Carlos Jobim by heatmiser (elliott smith's original band) it's VERY different. But if you dig it at all. Check out the original, and tell me what you think of the difference. And if you haven't heard...
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    Our fuck bringing is unquestionable.
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    Why is it that 1/2 of all music\movies that attempts to be introspective...

    Ends up sounding like a 1st year philosophy student that just discovered Descartes?
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    So a cow walks into a disco.

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    I Love The Decemberists

    Finally got the new album. Mariner's Revenge shanty's my world.
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    El Corazon es mue bonita con leche.

    Su madre es el tigre in me pantalones. Es bonita chicicata. Corre! Corre!
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    calling all black people

    give me names of some gangsta rap songs i should download. thanks.
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    I <3 Rayn.

    <Rayn> I sigbotted you Osmethae thanks for volunteering. <Osmethaepotamus> wtf <eskimorodeo> hah <Spartacus> Spartacus volunteered * eskimorodeo slaps Osmethaepotamus around a bit with a large trout <Osmethaepotamus> i didn't even have a sig <Rayn> you do now