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    all of TW moves to switzerland?

    SWISS REVIEW - Basic income – better off without working?
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    ecuador trolls muktar and vansters usa

    Ecuador offers U.S. rights aid, waives trade benefits | Reuters lol I love it
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    [rayn] thoughts on sprint/softbank?

    mostly curious about how CLWR comes out in all of this, been a buyer once it went below 2.00
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    Drunk Presidents Day thread?

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    New FL teacher scandal, help

    Need TW sleuths to help Florida Teacher Fired After Sex Videos, Pics Sent to School District | Video |
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    encryption software for computer

    i have no clue about this stuff, is there a free program out there to do it? can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    [stocks] Clearwire [clwr]

    recently crashed down to 3.42 during the day closing at 3.60...anyone have any thoughts on this stock...owns valuable spectrum (valued at between 8-18 billion dollars, on the books for 4.6ish) small float, owned by sprint, google, intel, others) IPO'd in the 20s, BV per share seems to be...
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    Nofix quote page, is there one?

    could use some anal poetry
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    Infinity Universe spaceship shooter, has a flight demo out seems like EVE (i never played eve) as far as resources, owning space stations/planets...
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    Tv just died, what is best new TV

    6 year old HD died, dont feel like replacing the bulb again had a 60 inch sony SXRD and want something in the 55 inch range with 240 hz and all sorts of fixings, dont want to spend over 2500 KDL-55NX810 this model looks like my best bet from sony (im not to familiar or trusting of other...
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    Friday drinking thread

    just finished a bottle of Prisoner wine and moving on to some black label
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    [prime]Free Amazon prime for students [deal]

    just thought I would pass this along to my favorite forum Amazon Student need a .edu account, free amazon prime for a year.
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    do you really wanna know?
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    [Hot]Girl quits her job in a funny way [pics]

    girl quits job on dry erase board exposes farmville boss called her hopa theCHIVE 1 of the pics near the end of the montage
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    tell me something awesome to do [in singapore or hong kong]

    i leave on Wednesday, 2 weeks in singapore, 1 week in Guangzhou, and a weekend in hongkong on my way back to orlando...anyways im looking for the best tw has to offer. thanks in advance, and no suggestion is to gross (i was in the navy for a time, so i fucked people like fancy cat)
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    [travel] anyone been to singapore/macau/Guangzhou?

    have a chance for 3 weeks in Singapore, 3 weeks in Guangzhou, china (75 miles north of Macau) for an internship.' really excited to see Las Vegas Sands Casinos in person there since i have made so much money on that stock, also wanted to get TWs opinion on what i should do? (besides make money...
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    Robot [HION] - ROXXXY, the World's First Life-Size Robot Girlfriend i love you 'PHILLIP J FRY'
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    Need new mobo/chip [Tech]

    motherboard fried last night: Would like help finding a deal on a new intel chip (i5 or i7 if available for cheap, or whatever everyone recommends)/motherboard/4gb of ram (cost rather than super fast) have a pcie 1x 8800gtx vid card, a sata hd, a dvd burner etc... just need mobo/chip/ram...
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    pron links

    emp, xham, xnxx are all used up, need moar.