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    going to NYC

    so I'm heading to nyc on june 23rd. anyone wanna hang out? I'll be in town til the 5th.
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    Robag Wruhme playing in town

    but I've got to work at 7:30am the morning after. not sure if I should go or not. 6h9EJPuwtIs help me decide tw, you're bound to be reasonable.
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    outlandish sounds

    31AFfyPXUKQ need some more stuff like this. trippy as fuck.
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    my xperia Z3 fell from three storys into a concrete floor

    it now no longer works, what should I get?
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    just grabbed a new monitor on sale

    philips 242G5D how I've lived thus far without 144hz is just beyond me. holy shit this is way better than I expected.
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    ultrawide monitor

    so my 2008 lcd monitor is staring to die on me and its black friday, looked around and the only IPS screen on sale is one of those ultrawide things, are they any good for gaming? everything else on the screen looks solid, specially considering the 66% off.
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    FTL on hard mode

    fuck this shit, motherfucking impossible. I'm pissed
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    DJ Koze

    so, koze will be playing at a club where I live and apart from myself not a single person that I have spoken to has the slightest idea who he is. In light of such event I decided to share his fantastic music with you all, you can thank me later. kbaaSJgZWbg AXltj3-c6w0 GIszldsgAYM
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    today is a very sad day for brazil

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    Halloween costumes

    What will you be wearing? Not sure if I'll just use same as last year or try to develop something new, ideas are welcome.
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    got an exam tomorrow, really dont feel like studying

    let's hope what I've learned in class is enough. this might not end well
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    good restaurants in LA

    going to LA for a couple of days, need some good restaurants and some cool shit to do. outstanding foodtrucks would be nice as well. thanks in advance, André.
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    sup tw, I'll be arriving in paris on december 18th and have no plans on what to do in europe until feb 24th. if anyone wants to hangout just let me know. I'm willing to visit pretty much any major city in europe; a place to crash would be nice. hope to meet some of you fuckers soon:wave:
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    shit is going down in brazil

    fucking crazy.
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    [so] who here lives in new york city?

    Sup teedub, looking for people in nyc to hang out. I know fraggle is from new york but I dont know if he still lives here. Will be in town till saturday. So, who's up?
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    getting a new car, need advice

    right now I own a 2010 subaru impreza 2.0(not the wrx) which is good enough for me performance-wise. the thing I really like about it is the all wheel drive, the things I hate are the cheap interior, horrible sound system, too large for a hatchback, not so good looks and lack of presence, it's a...
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    death is the only certainty

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    [so] my TripleFi 10's arrived today

    and they are fucking amazing, seriously. they excel at basically every genre I throw at them. motorhead, thelonious monk, daft punk, outkast, the who, jamiroquai and charles mingus is what I've listened so far and everything sounds amazing. I have never seen IEMs/headphones as balanced as these.
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    The prodigal son returns

    Brace youselves bitches, cause I'm back. How did you fare in my absence?