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    Whatever happened to box gun?

    What happened to the box gun? Did that ever go anywhere?
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    Happy Festivus

    It is time for the airing of grievances.
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    men's day

    Relax, guys Just thought you all would like to know that today is actually men's day.
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    hot sauce

    anyone make their own fermented hot sauce?
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    wtf happened to WOW?

    I got an email from blizzard the other day giving me 7 days of free game time. I thought what the hell, I haven't logged in to my lvl 60 rouge in 8 or so years, let's see what's up. wtf did they do to this game? I don't know what's going on anymore. I think the last time I played was before...
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    Dear muk

    I was going through a large jar of foreign coins and I found a British two shilling coin from 1963. Wtf is a shilling?
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    operation and cycle of functioning

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    captain tele is mad and melting down.

    y u so mad? it's the holidays. maybe because it's the holidays?
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    earlier today I got a call from Jesus Christ

    caller ID said it was Jesus Christ. when I picked up the phone I was greeted with silence. why is Jesus prank calling me?
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    Anyone ever use a MikroTik? Mikrotik Routerboard RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN Sfp Port plus 10 Port Ethernet: Computers & Accessories Looks pretty cool.
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    Piss derp

    Herp derp Piss derp.
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    wat 2 do in chicago?

    I'm going to be in chicago in a couple months. what is there to do in chicago? will I really get beat up if I put ketchup on a hotdog?
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    cast iron cookware

    are there any companies other than lodge right now that make cast iron cookware? I don't like the rough finish of the lodge stuff. it's like they didn't do any smoothing work after taking it out of the mold. I've got some awesome really old wagner and griswold skillets and griddles, but...
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    nvidia shield

    anything interesting to do with an nvidia shield? I've tried to get out working with the brookstone rover, but I need to root first because Google at some point decided to remove the ability for devices to join an ad hoc network.
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    who is leprosy and why is he threatening me?

    someone takes the internet way too seriously.
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    sausage stuffers/extruders

    anyone have an opinion on sausage stuffers/extruders? I have the kitchenaid sausage stuffer attachment for my grinder attachment and I must say I am disappoint.
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    Rockstar is now owned by rapper Daz Dillinger

    Rapper Says GTA V Stole His Music so that's two copyright infringements per copy of GTA 5. In the tenenbaum case the court awarded the RIAA $22,500 per infringement. so that's $50,000 per copy of GTA 5. assuming a ballpark figure of 15 million copies sold Rockstar now owes Daz Dillinger...
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    I'm making chili

    and I'm going to put beans in it. f u texas.