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    RIP Jimmy

    One of my favorite musicians ever. XKGw_hrlaOY tO8K9b5iOfA
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    The best breakdown of current society I have seen

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    Jimmy V Speech

    HuoVM9nm42E I watch it every year. One of the best speechs you will ever hear/watch. If you arent a sports fan, it doesnt matter. Its a life speech. Watch it.
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    HOTAS? Flight Sims? Anyone? Bueller?

    Anyone got setups for DCS? Squadrons? Got this. Gladiator NXT EVO Ordered these(thanks ztir) T-Rudders Mk.IV Waiting on them to release this. VKB TECS: MODULARITY FULL AHEAD - VKB-SIM
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    SCOTUS Laughs @ Climate Change :lol: Love this shit.
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    Metaverse :lol:
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    Haven't played since bf2 back in the day with NOVA. Anyone else throw money at this EA garbage? No fucking scoreboard or all chat :lol:
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    Trust the government

    FBI says fortune seized in Beverly Hills raid was criminals' loot. Owners say: Where's the proof? :lol: clown world
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    The New Puritans

    Good read. Fuck the Atlantic. It's a good article, quite amusing how often she tries throw in, "but it's mostly for the positive". :lol: like she's trying to stave off her own scarlet letter for...
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    Here's to you, clu.

    I dont think there is an active poster who illicits fewer direct responses than you. It seems you're attempting to be an Edofner type poster, but 99% of the shit you post makes no sense and isnt worth the time trying to decipher. But dammit, you stick with it. So cheers to you, clu - this...
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    wilder vs fury

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    [China] going to be a wild ride soon Excellent read.
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    North Korean coup?

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    Lemon is a hero -dare

    Pls explain, yo Inquiring minds want to know moar bout hero
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    Anyone watching espn?

    Stephen a smith ripping black America a new asshole lol
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    Need a boat yo

    Over a foot of rain has dropped on my ass in 20 hours and it isn't stopping. The Weather channel dude sleeping in his car less than a mile from me
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    Molten WoW

    anyone playing?
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    black ops 2 ps3

    add me yeaunome
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    [FF] Trade Proposal

    Adrian Peterson Calvin Johnson Wes Welker for Peyton Manning Michael Turner Carson Palmer, Cin QB Adrian Peterson, Min RB Brandon Jackson, GB RB DeSean Jackson, Phi WR Kevin Walter, Hou WR Calvin Johnson, Det WR Dustin Keller, NYJ TE Eagles D/ST, Phi D/ST Mike Nugent, Cin K Wes...
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    so im dating a black girl...

    and yet i still hate niggers. what gives? :(