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    200million solar roads are the future™

    200million solar roads are the future™ P90Y71ThfQs 200million and they cant figure out how to pave a 10x10ft section of them level with the surface catches fire in fucking winter actually requires the existing fossil fuel power-grid to melt snow doesn't produce any usable electricity...
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    North Korea Tee-Pees South Korea using balloons Shitty day in South Korea... Balloons have a payload attached with a timer set to drop the cargo.
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    [Kickstarter] Ground Branch

    I know a few of you gents like Tactical shooters so I figured I'd inform you of Ground Branch's Kickstarter, its being developed by John Sonedecker one of the minds behind Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. MobyGames - John Sonedecker If you like Tactical shooters please support them...
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    [USB] theif griefing

    I'm looking for a program that once executed will format all hard drives on a machine automatically. anyone know of any? cliffs: -had a USB drive in my car which stored music -went into work with it in my console -left work it was gone. -plan on renaming the exe to something more "interesting"...
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    What do you think of theyoungturks?

    Host YouTube - MSNBC w/ Cenk: Fiery Debate On Social Security arguing against a Republican And to make it interesting >.> he's a former Muslim now agnostic /go
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    [Cloud computing] Onlive [Epic Fail]

    :rofl: Like World Of Warcraft its 14.95 a month like I predicted and will cost PC gamers more than it would cost to build their own rig with worse quality... 5years = 897.00 dollars which is a budget build alone, figure in the costs associated with upgrading to a service that will support HD...
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    [DBZ:A] some of you may appreciate this

    Episode 11 finally came out Team Four Star Episodes
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    [tech]future is one step closer

    Samsung's 14-inch transparent OLED laptop (video) -- Engadget transparent monitors...
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    Sound Cards?

    Anyone know of a decent 60-70.00 sound card? currently have a MoBo with Realtek ALC888 onboard sound and in the past I've had nothing but trouble with them ranging from Dead onboard sound to horrible static... I'm not a audiophile but something that supports 5.1 surround sound never mind...
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    [graphics tablet] Intuos4

    *disclaimer: look at me post so I got the Intuos4 today and promptly started photoshop 7 and started scribbling... still not quite used to it
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    Obama the flash game....

    SUPER OBAMA WORLD I shit you not, they've made a flash game out of obama...
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    [so]I went to see a Marine recruiter

    I've spent about four or five months telling the different branch recruiters that I wasn't interested, eventually I decided to go and "receive" the information on what they have to offer for programmers, which was a joke talking to the guy he had very little information or benefits of what the...
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    A New Problem

    Well, I've replaced the Motherboard in the previous thread and now I'm left with a new question This computer ran fine for over a year, then all of a sudden this problem appears out of no where. after putting the computer together today after receiving a new MOBO, the first power up was fine...
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    probably the mobo...

    edit, problem fixed
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    [dual-core]AMD or Intel's?

    first off, fuck quad core's ("its future proofing" blah blah blah) by the time AMD and Intel have games supporting them there will be PCI-E 3.0 video cards Motherboards to support the new video cards something else will be on the market, that will be something else thats the new "future...
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    [SO] My 360 just redringed

    god damn M$ and all you faggots saying it's a better system then the PS3 now I get to talk to some damn terrorist after waiting on hold for over an hour trying to get a RMA sticker so they'll fix it under warranty.
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    Fuck Tankbusterx & Velo

    Fuck you for your indiscretion of a thread being, consisting of, or going to consist of [NWS] material. Its either [NWS] or not :ftard: .
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    [So] I've aquired a hatred of State Troopers

    So I was stopped at an intersection to go onto the highway, a cop was up one car on the Right hand side of me. The light turns green and the cop ends up traveling under the speed limit by 5mph (45mph zone). I pull past him while maintaining the speed limit and then he turns on the lights, I pull...
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    future computer build

    I'm wondering if the power supply is good enough to support a Crossfire setup and If there are cheaper alternatives for like the keyboard which supports anti-ghosting (pressing more then 3 keys at a time, basically for gaming) I'd like to stay under the current cost if possible Is there any...
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    What Games have you preorder/reserved?

    Ratchet and Clank Future: tools of destruction (PS3 reserved) Unrealtournament 3 Collectors edition (PC prepaid) Orange box (PC reserved) Littlebigplanet (PS3 reserved)