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    you shouldna done that...he's just a boy

    Brittany Zamora sentenced to 20 years in prison jesus christ she probably coulda got any man she wanted but she fucked a 13 yr old 6th grader brittany zamora - Google Search
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    im palaying rdr2

    just kidding LOL Error: Red Dead Redemption 2 has exited unexpectedly - Polygon
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    Curt Schilling may run for Congress

    Curt Schilling 'absolutely considering' running for Congress
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    remember that esports show that badmofo was in the audience of

    anyone have a link to the youtube clip im trying to prove to some random internet stranger that Tribes 1 and WSBN was basically the birth of esports help me out
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    havax and cpt tele are here but not posting

    because they 'quit' the forum but they still find time to browse all day and neg rep everyone :lol:
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    your desktops. show them to me

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    what did u get for christmas

    I got a lump of coal fuk u santa!!
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    SHIELDS UP my sources say this was a chinese hack funded by george soros and the deepstate with help from the reptillians the saudis hacked it up with a bonsesaw youtube is currently being depleted of all choccy milk supplies make your time
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    the only neg rep i get is from cpt tele and pagy

    they mad LOL the other side of that is i rarely get pos rep anymore we in a rep drought ppl gather ur reps and collect rain water reps to survive the coming el nino rep weather event make ur time
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    who gettin sea of thieves

    so sea of thieves comes out tomorrow r u gonna play? im upgrading to windows 10 for this game so it'd better be gud i heard rare made it so hopes r high who wanna play?? Sea of Thieves buyer's guide: Release date, editions, preorder bonuses and more | Windows Central
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    Explosions in Texas

    looks like a serial bomber is on the loose in austin latest attack injured 2 white males 22 and 23 past attacks killed 2 and injured 2 bombs said to be sophisticated latest one was set off by tripwire over/under on whether or not its a mozzie Austin bombing: Police say fourth explosion...
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    will work for rep

    as u kno rep is very hard to come by these days i have gone one or two days of shitposting surviving on maybe one rep and it was neg rep!! i am here to announce i will do degrading or dishonorable tasks for positive rep pls make requests below ty
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    we so old

    A lot of us are now in our thirties We old af almost time 2 kill ourselves ill prolly eat a bunch of fentanyl ride that wave until i stop breathing its gonna b great how r u gonna do it?
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    pagy wat the fuk is ur problem

    im a cool guy id like 2 think so wats the deal dude y r u so hell bent on neg repping me i thought i put a stop to this when i threatened to show up at ur house at 3 am on a weekday if u neg rep a cool guy like me then who the fuk r u pos repping capt. tele? LOL get real dude!!
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    working t1 link?

    anyone have a working tribes 1 link for a distro thats all up 2 date? i have a friend that wants to try it out
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    hi im just posting 2 let u kno the poster formally known as Goshin aka pamperchu is actually a p gareat guy TW has a lot of faults but i found that most posters r eager 2 help each other out whether it be 4 a torrent site invite or just hosting porn 4 other members 2 download we got each...
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    wats a good rpg 2 palay on emulator

    General emulators for oldschool consoles by D4M45T3R - TribalWar Forums theres prolly like a few threads already on this exact subject but fuk it wats a good rpg 2 palay on a emulator. either snes or gameboy or psx or n64 classics or new age. thx heres a scary clown
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    we in a rep drought

    rep just aint goin' round like it used 2 fellows as u all may already kno rep has dried up around here. many ppl surviving on may be one, two reps a day for many days in a row. as u kno this is not enough reps this all may be cause of el nino weather event while this may be the case for...
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    Watch a SpaceX rocket launch and landing attempt at 6:46PM ET
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    A Good Flashlight

    So my last flashlight was a Surefire Defender. It served its purpose well but I'm hearing there are plenty of torches around that out perform as far as lumens go -- I'm hearing that there are companies that put Surefire to shame. This sucker ran at 500 lumens -- so it could blind pretty...