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    [ARR MATEY] Need art for my samsung frame chick tv

    Samsung has built a Frame TV that chicks dig. It's overpriced, but chicks love that it isn't a black rectangle on the wall. So I compromised and lost and paid extra for this average TV. Samsung wants a monthly subscription for art to be automatically be displayed, which is the only reason to...
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    [Postponed Bachlor] Web games for 22 dudes

    [Postponed Bachelor] Web games for 22 dudes We have a postponed bachelor party weekend approaching. Instead of playing golf in palm springs, we will be forced to virtual games and drinking. Not everyone is a gamer, the bachelor himself does play some rocket league. Are there any web games...
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    Your worst kitchen injuries

    They are always frustrating. 1. Few years ago, can of something, pull tab. I didn't pull the tab enough the first direction and it wasn't budging. Instead of being smart and re-doing the first direction, I decided to pull real hard and it came off, but the can slipped. Sliced my finger...
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    Wifi ping issue

    Bought a new house, and much of it is wired. Unfortunately the room I am making the office isn't. So I bought a DLink wifi adapter temporarily for my PC until I drill into the wall. I see this issue happen every day or two. A reboot will usually fix it until the next day it'll happen again...
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    Safari photos for moto [Reply not new thread]

    My wife and I were looking for a big trip to take, and she suggested to go to southern africa, (south africa, botswana, victoria falls) for a 3 week trip in November. I was pretty hesitant because its africa although cape town (+wine country) and botswana are very safe. I'd have to say it's by...
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    [Movie] Death Wish

    Anyone seen this remake with Bruce Willis? The SJW movie critics hate it but audience is rating it very high. Another example of how out of touch Hollywood critics are with America. Death Wish(2018) - Rotten Tomatoes
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    Can you brine at room temp overnight?

    At the inlaws and they are brining a turkey in salt water but they are doing it at room temp. Looks like it will be 24 hours or so sitting in the kitchen. Thought you were supposed to put that in the fridge. They said it was fine. Google isnt very clear but most say keep it less than 40f...
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    Concert Ear Protection

    Anyone have anything better than hearoes type quality? Aka not styrofoam jammed into the ear: I've used them for years and they are pretty good but can't seem to find much info on mid range...
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    [NHL] Las Vegas Expansion Draft

    Anyone else following this today? Las Vegas Golden Knights (dumb name, need to just be the Knights) and the NHL will announce who they selected Wednesday before the NHL Awards. I don't fully understand how exposed players under NMC/NTC/RFA's work :roller: Protected players: Anaheim Ducks...
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    wtf is a push present

    i was talking to a friend about how one of her coworkers just had a baby. she mentioned the coworkers husband bought her a tesla ($90k) as a push present to the mom for having the baby. i said wtf is a push present, apparently it is when males buy the females for having to deal with pregnancy...
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    Bought a used Audi

    Impressions so far: Feels/drives lighter than it is - and that means a lot coming from me. Clutch is easy but rev matching is hard - rev happy engine. Never owned an AWD car, so I am getting used to it. No turbo lag like I'm used to, but it still has lots of torque even at low RPM LED...
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    Can't open a 2.4gb .jp2 image file

    Update on page 3 / post 47 Anyone ever opened or converted one of these before? Can photoshop CS4 handle it, even if I somehow get it converted to a jpg or open it as a jp2? I have tried PS CS4, Gimp, Ivanview, Irfan, Xnview and one other converter tool I forgot the name of. All error when...
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    Computer locking up

    So a few minutes after I boot into windows 8 which has been fine for months, i get weird lock ups. First one application may lock up, but I can still kind of use another. The cursor won't lock up until after a few minutes after that it seems like, other times the cursor never locks up...
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    Where to print high res image of SF 8'x4'?

    In the late 1930's, San Francisco was photographed from a blimp and the images were stitched together to create a nice aerial picture of the city. (Composite image of) Views 1-164 San Francisco Aerial Views. 1937-1938. - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (Use scroll wheel to zoom in / out)...
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    [NHL]2012-2013 Season

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    beastie boys and orange jump suits?

    So I'm thinking of last second costumes for bay 2 breakers this weekend, and was either going to re-wear my Beers jersey and carry around layzboy from baseketball or I was thinking I could be a Beastie Boy because I have an orange jump suit But then I realized I would need a couple more orange...
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    New Russian plane disappears during flight demonstration

    ..with 50 on board Russian plane with 50 aboard missing in Indonesia
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    Anyone else waiting for Ivy Bridge?

    Hey br0s I've been playing cs:go and I get 30fps on some of the newer outside maps, so it's time to upgrade my e6750. I already have a decent vid card (gtx460 i think?), ssd, and a 750watt psu that does not fit my lian li case well so i also need a new case Been reading about ivy bridge and...
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    How do I add a tribe (yellow) in my name in tribes next?

    thx friends [[[[[[n/t]]]]]]
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    something venomous bit me

    noticed a bite on my forearm yesterday while sitting at my desk at work it was red and about the size of a quarter last night my shoulder was really sore and i havent worked out in a few days wake up today and the redness is about the size of a dollar bill and it is tender to the touch...