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    [Peter Jackson] WWI Restored footage

    Mtz3KHWn1W8 I don't know what kind of wizardry this is but it's eerie seeing this footage look like it could have been filmed yesterday.
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    Windows October Update [Deleting Files]

    Microsoft pulled the Windows 10 update that has been deleting files w1_CFn_wVrM GG Microsoft
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    Watch Dogs 2 PC Ubisoft key

    Watch Dogs 2 Samsung SSD offer activates on Uplay service, $20 I don't know if it's region locked, this might only work in US.
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    [PSA] Valve taking the Steam out of Steam sales

    Of course everyone would recommend not buying games on day one of the sale waiting to see if the game went on the daily flash sale list. This will probably also mean that publishers are less likely to offer the deep discount they once did during flash sales since it runs for an entire week...
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    Battlefield Hardline

    Battlefield : Hardline will be released on MARCH 17, 2015 PC PS3, PS4 Xbox 360, Xbox One. Open Beta Soon™ Battlefield Hardline Beta - Battlefield - Official EA Site
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    RIP Windows XP (2001-2014)

    Yeah, whatever. Image backup your system Best Free Backup Software for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP use Sandboxie :sunny:
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    Superbugs gonna kill us all

    Rise of the Superbugs - Video Dailymotion :minibarf: cliffs: we're so fucked
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    After Earf

    m. night shyamalaladingdong dropped another turd at the box office. Movie Pictures | Movie Posters - Yahoo! Movies lol FAIL
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    Battlefield 4

    big version 4-Qdb2uoRec Battlefield - The award winning franchise from EA / DICE Snip of code hidden in BF4 site: There's a lot of rumors but not much confirmed yet. DICE did a ton of Easter Egg stuff for 2143, and Dinosaurs. I suspect they'll work this into BF4 DLC/expansion packs...
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    Your next system build will have and Intel motherboard one more year and then it's kaput for PC enthusiasts, sort of. no more swapping chips to upgrade, got a bad CPU or motherboard - you'll need to replace both. and with AMD on its death kneel? AMD won't be...
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    I've been experimenting with sourdough starter, so far pancakes are a success. I'm interested in making sourdough waffles, came across this on a pizza forum for a recipe but it requires ipad ibooks to view. iTunes - Books - Don the pictures posted here look pretty good A new (and free)...
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    Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii U

    No thank U did they boo him? why the long face? way to be different there Nintendo
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    Windows 8 Reports all programs installed back to MS

    Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely | Nadim Kobeissi Supposedly you can disable it but it'll result in a constant nag pop-up telling you "SmartScreen" is disabled. Give up your privacy for the sake of security, that sounds very familiar for some reason.
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    [Steam] Krater closed beta key giveaway

    Krater Closed Beta Key Giveaway some keys left if you want to give it a shot 4yEt-3IgkHI
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    Legend of Grimrock

    What is Legend of Grimrock? Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawling role playing game with an oldschool heart but a modern execution. A group of prisoners are sentenced to certain death by exiling them to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes they may or may not have committed...
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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    lol nobody gives a fuck, good news though. Microsoft quietly extends consumer support for Windows 7, Vista | ZDNet Support end date for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are as follows: Windows XP 4/8/2014 Windows Vista 4/11/2017 Windows 7 1/14/2020 People can...
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    Current top side temperature is 93º

    Current top side temperature is 93º Zw684xM2cUo
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    Skyrim Livestream

    Console version leaked early IRClounge - Home of Gamers
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    Battlefield 3

    Tribalwar Teamspeak: Tribalwar Battlefield 3 server info:: [PC] PDF Manual If you want to change your Origin ID, EA now has an official link to do so Change Origin ID Seems to work in Internet Explorer and the name you choose has to be available or it won't let you...