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    what the flying FUCK is going on with this guy's eyes

    NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: News and videos from the evening broadcast NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: News and videos from the evening broadcast- very end of the video, 2:22
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    [gif] boobs or I move him closer

    lol chatroulette thread lol
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    [ESPN Insider Request] Chargers could release Tomlinson

    NFL Rumors - NFL Trade Rumors, Free Agency Rumors and More - Rumor Central - ESPN thanks
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    [GLB][kinda] Brushback Baseball

    Brushback Baseball REFERRAL LINK OMG <-non-referral link for your convenience and dyno-hating needs Basically an exact GLB-clone except for baseball. I can't imagine it being as fun as GLB since there's obviously much less strategic involvement (gameplanning...
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    "tell tribal war i am in baton rouge at the bar shadys"

    Chris Grunska (Goshin) (Mobile) Jun 13, 2009, 8:56:44 PM
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    Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

    Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology from site | News | edit: swapped for a different (less shitty) article. original link
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    So I stayed in a hotel about 2 1/2 months ago, and they never charged me

    The bill was ~$600. I left them a credit card number (two, in fact, since I decided to use a different card than the one I used to hold the reservation) upon checking in. I called my bank and Visa to ask if there were any attempted charges that didn't go through, and they both said no. It was...
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    Only Pig In Afghanistan Quarantined Due to Swine Flu

    Afghanistan's only pig quarantined in flu fear | Lifestyle | Reuters
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    Popeye's runs out of chicken. Riots ensue.

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    Time Warner halts bandwidth caps... for now.

    Time Warner Shelves Bandwidth Caps For Now -- ISP -- InformationWeek
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    The greatest advantage of the electric cigarette

    this is retarded but the look on his face at the end makes me :lol: w23O-RO_oY0
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    she said yes

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    Bill Gates unleashes swarm of mosquitos on audience to make a point

    Wtf: Bill Gates Unleashes Mosquito Swarm :picard:
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    THE FUCKING WEATHER how many more gimmick weather websites will there be
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    [wtf] Ambidextrous Drawing

    CKI7XaKIjWo i've seen drawing one portrait with both hands, but two seperate portraits simultaneously? that's hardcore.
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    [lol] war game generator

    The Tapezilla War Game Generator (v1.1 BETA) A few from another forum and my personal favorite...
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    nice headline, espn

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    [Guitar Hero][Bikes] Those crazy fucking japanese

    more like those crazy viral marketers NlMYWuGUZlM edit: response from freddie wong :lol: mbMKbykr2Ec
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    best athene video yet*

    *I've only watched like 4 of his videos pFRuIC9UHiY
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    san diego 40 seconds ago :scared: