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    whats up 60 year old virgins?

    still being autistic? moran
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    This is a thread

    and its full of cum :hungry:
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    site not closed?

    why are we still here
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    piss flaps

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    hey, its me

    your friend.
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    RIP Stan Lee

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    NYC baby stabbings

    Three babies among wounded in gruesome stabbing spree at unlicensed New York City day care, police say | Fox News
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    [poop truck] dubai flight quarantined after everyone got sick

    also vanilla ice was on that plane. shit truck outbreak
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    Real life human centipede

    Knoxville Man Suspected Of Creating ‘Real-Life Human Centipede’ On The Run Fox News
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    no parents

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    [World Cup] football thread

    so whos ready for spain to win it all this year
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    [Aquariums] Live planted...

    so i have a couple gourami that insist on uprooting my plants to try to nest and im tired of their shit, anyone have an experience with live planting and any anchors that seem to work real well against persistent fish-bros?
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    Y'all okay?

    seem a little rough lately why dont you take a break?
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    Happy new holidays tw

    delete thread
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    Happy Holidays TW

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    im cleaning my entire fish tank today

    hi friends :wave:
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    n/t poop truck
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    Dauntless Beta invite

    Monster hunter game. Dauntless i have one key left
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    Battlefront2 open beta this weekend til the 9th

    so far its not as fucky as i thought, havent seen any way to do micro transactions so far.