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    How do we recover from the influence of cultural marxism tw?

    ZIO4oSLwK3A :spock:
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    I've been watching this Netflix trailer "Dear White People" backfire

    1LzggK5DRBA 2 days ago it had like 20k dislikes, now it's over 300k. :lol: Netflix is going MTV News mode after Soros bought a shitload of Netflix stock back in November. They're at it again, more race baiting bullshit.
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    Odio she knows

    Hillary is coming 4 you
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    DMX lookin' good these days

    hasn't aged one bit
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    fat people in workout clothes at the park

    who don't even exercise, they just walk for 1/4 of a mile and take a selfie with the caption "working out today!" :<
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    I'm sick of SJW tards.

    But this was pretty entertaining. tN9bu6CP318
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    Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News Hmmm EDIT: FB made the black lives matter trend via their news feeds:
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    China announces sanctions on North Korea NK thought their buddy China would back em up. gotm
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    Camacho 2016

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    Any of you guys remember Killer Angel and his Patrick Murray remixes?

    Anyone got these uploaded somewhere? His site is down and I want to listen to some of these.
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    This is for you Trump voters.

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    It's pretty obvious Bernie ain't gonna win. So, Hillary vs Trump.

    If it comes down to this, I might have to reconsider trump. :baby: basically, fuck hillary
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    this whole forum is staged

    it's all hogwash STAGED I BET
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    [TV] What are some good TV's these days?

    I'm looking for a 50 inch that won't overheat and melt after a year. Do samsung TV's still listen to you fap so they can collect information on you? I assume LED is the way to go? I'm still rocking my LCD TV I bought in 2008
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    Do you wonder if Chipolte is being sabotaged by GMO companies?

    Isn't it a coincidence that they make a significant move away from GMO food sources towards organic and all of a sudden they have e. coli outbreaks? They change their food sources to get around the issue, and then it happens again? Meanwhile other organic places like Whole Foods / Trader Joe's...
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    Did miDare hire the hackers?

    Rayn is too powerful, Nash protected us, mitchdubai funneled dubai money into our info sec, we're fine guys Killjoy will fix our shit
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    Rayn, IRC server took a shit again

    You should just let me admin this thing. :gayfight:
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    [Jews] Fuck you Cox cable

    You fucking jew nigger deers want to charge me $50 installation fee because I'm only doing an internet package and self-installation. Eat a bowl of fucking guacamole you fucking nipple flared pieces of fucking kitty litter filled colonoscopy foreskin tearing cunt bunnies :fu: :fu: :fu: :fu...
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