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  1. ZooL

    Car enthusiasts of TW, help me purchase wheels

    1,2,3 Gen Honda CRV
  2. ZooL

    Never relax around bl@@@@

    Its ironic to see you all catching up to me circa 2003.
  3. ZooL

    Trump: Guilty or innocent

    Trump is an afront to my intelligence. Plainly said; this does not mean an endorsement for the lifelong politician Joevalov Bidenski. It is my belief that we have the same problem that we will continue to have until another nation on this Terran landscape decides to use a large yield nuclear...
  4. ZooL

    Not all gingers stink of piss

    Give this bit of information to him. The reason he can no longer digest it is because the Enzymes to do so have decolonized from his gut. Somewhere he had an antibiotic that blew away what he had while he was abstaining from dairy.; Here is how to fix it. take one of these every meal for a few...
  5. ZooL

    Y'all OLD lmao

    hahah YEAH
  6. ZooL

    TW Coin

    I'd say . DON'T TIE IT TO ANYTHING. Just make it like everything else - useless...
  7. ZooL

    Private Blog stardate 4.21.2024

    I'm screwing my moms younger friend. Shes around 60 and shes like HOTWIFE material. Pounding it. My Wang is glorious
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    my thread. test
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    Connecticut Kia Boyz

  10. ZooL

    New Website for TW

  11. ZooL

    A thread about potted meat (and other processed meats)

    My love for potted meat is great. But recently I have noticed prices on potted meat skyrocketting. : Packaged Bologna I tell you this is a sign of the end. DOOOM is coming. You will be wise to heed my warnings. This potted meat price increase is a major economic indicator. Huge
  12. ZooL

    2022 Tips on life

    keep your shower to 1 minute time. Don't eat more than a hardboiled egg and a glass of water for first breakfast. Use only the tip of your pinky fingers worth of toothpaste. Don't eat dinner after 7:00 pm. Even if you don't need to, take a beano with lunch if you wanna take Awesome good...
  13. ZooL

    In this thread we are all black

    Shheeeeeiiiiittttt .Go
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    Its happening :lies: Post your load outs NOW! Ammo pack cause fuck an energy pack Chaingun Grenade launcher ELF WAAPON!
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    :lolque: :srsly: MIDAIR The final watch of the Happening RED TEXT Are we playing this yet? are people in game Should I buy it Or is My little kitty mmo where its at? Talk to me you faggots poop truck
  16. ZooL

    Hi How is everyone

    I just wanted to let you all know that I am back in the year 1885 living comfortably. The wife Ava and my children Heinrich and Adolf are doing well in the VValD. anyways Thanks TW, thanks dynamix. MURICA
  17. ZooL

    It Won't Be Long Now . . .

    I Tried to warn them. The old man of the desert come to spill water on the sand. PAULMAUDIB.GIF
  18. ZooL

    Heads Up!

    HI ALLLLL :) :) :) How are you guys doing I am great again finally. Its been very good here. I have been a busy guy. I do miss you all really. My plans have come to fruition I have waited 1000 years for this and the blood rites have been made. The Worm has devoured the Bird of Prey. We...
  19. ZooL

    End the Female Combat Gap. I'm With Her!

    Its 2016. We need to end this inequality! Women deserve the same combat death rates that men do. :srsly:
  20. ZooL


    THE SEASON OF THE FIRE MONKEY. Sand will cover this place...sand will cover.. you