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  1. HaPpY

    Give your balls a tug [Shoresy]

    tw needs dickbutt logo to celebrate this glorious month
  2. HaPpY


    is tw back baybee? xD
  3. HaPpY

    Bug Tracking/Issue thread

    there is black number text on dark blue background in nav buttons using titan project it much offends my eyes sir! and glad tw is back, i had to unload all my brain vommit on poor fufu lul
  4. HaPpY

    Bug Tracking/Issue thread

    y everything look like assburgers wit aids lul
  5. HaPpY

    ginger jew cockdick wants to buy dickdock

    after ruining my fav game co, he wants to ruin dickdock too... well to that i say... good! :D cuz fuck dickdock but still fuck u for ruining blizz u fkin kike- death to u and israel! :fu:
  6. HaPpY

    my cat...

    licks his balls runs into walls drinks from the shitter bites the females titter one eye lazy dis fker crazy cat
  7. HaPpY

    reddit mods make korea kim look like ghandi

    power trippin fkers ban all my shit :fu: :heart: tdubs, humanitys last hope... lol
  8. HaPpY

    i pronounced it LIE BERRY

    wenever i went to one the lieberryans were all HARUMF!.. that means "reeeeeee" today good times :roller: :Hmm:
  9. HaPpY

    yor my rock

    wtf kinda dum normi expression is dis lul. hur durr i like u therefore u a stone /derp rly grinds my gears u no :Hmm:
  10. HaPpY

    famiry guy best show

    even tho i only get like 30% of the references lol idk how i stopped wachin this, prob got distract by world of warcrafts or sometin on to season 16... but maybe it gets woke(r) and turns to shit :scared:
  11. HaPpY

    watd fat guy say to the 3 chiks at the corner

    hohoho merry christmas! :D dis official xmas thred btw
  12. HaPpY

    i move AI takeover estimate another +10 years

    cant even make a chik with 3 boobs in stable diffusion we just arent "there" yet
  13. HaPpY

    wee all fkkkkttt! 2: the fkkening

    cliffs: american kids so dum that special ed is now smarter than regular ed :lol: :ftard: hey its that jesus guy again 24fi-mrHatg
  14. HaPpY

    fullproof method to id fatties in yor neighborhood

    walk around wen its moderate temp outside... like 75 or watev. if the AC is still on... u found a fatty! :minibarf: i leave the rest up to u tw :sunny:
  15. HaPpY

    wee alll fukkkt!

    says jesus guy watchin another jesus guy who probably both play guitar cuz thats wat jesus guys all do and by all i mean murrkia cuz wat else is there lol i2806ZJ41l0
  16. HaPpY

    if aliens r visiting there wont be an AI takeover

    cuz their species would be way ahead of us and woulve reached AI singularity long ago and instead we'd be visited by borg instead of biological little green men or watever teh fk the mexicans showed off yesterday. happi droppin teh logic bombs
  17. HaPpY

    yup... pedos r next

    woke gaymos alredy movin goal posts for pedos Woke experts say only those perverts who target kids aged 10 and under should be called paedophiles - Scottish Daily Express Professor’s redefinition of pedophilia could help offenders demand rights hmm wats next... retards, furries? actually id...
  18. HaPpY

    wat is teh deal wit ants

    keep running into my sink to nom on my snot blobs and cumjizzles only to b wiped away... even the queens joined in a few times they need some "dis is death zone" trail like their food trail evolution fail
  19. HaPpY

    accidentaly got vitman gummy thing for girls

    made my dick bleed lol
  20. HaPpY


    reddit has me fully covered now :heart: shoutout to the deeppissers