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    Marvel presents Iron Man 22: Avengers Endgame

    3 billion dollars...will it happen? Reviews look good, 3 hours but overwhelming at times Going Thursday at 11pm
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    Marvel Studios presents: Captain Marvel the HERo formerly known as Ms Marvel

    Brie Larson apparently is out-acted by a cgi cat in this one. Lots of drama when she whined about not wanting white men to review movies not targeted to them. Today, RT deleted 54K user reviews raising the audience score from 32% to 39% right now. Seeing it tmw. Expecting garbage. But since...
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    [Fatigue]Marvel's Avengers: Endgame - First Trailer

    the one where they just undo the last one hA6hldpSTF8
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    iOS and apple suck - change my mind [iPhone XS]

    google being the left wing demon it is, I'm now open to the idea of going to iOS so convince me apple-tards, what can I do with iOS/apple that I can't with android? I currently have a iphone 6 and lg v30. the iPhone is for work and feel it's garbage. ok go
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    BB10 launch... Q10 and Z10

    Live from The BlackBerry 10 Experience! oh right no one gives a shit :lol:
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    Our Mrs Reynolds @That Magical Zoo

    Our Mrs Reynolds @That Magical Zoo
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    Progressive will pay to defend your murderer

    Comedian Calls Out Progressive Insurance for Defending His Sister's Killer; Progressive Responds in Heartless Robot Fashion cliffs: progressive sends their legal team to defend an uninsured murderer in a lawsuit filed by one of their dead customers to avoid paying a claim. id totally hit flo
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    [tinfoil] wtf is orbital

    I was just thinking that I haven't seen that kid post in the last few months... I assume he left his moms basement to buy a candy bar at the store, drummed up enough courage to speak in the store or on the way and was promptly stabbed in the face... he's probably still lying face down somewhere...
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    [Parenting]Childs sets self on fire; parents sue

    Parents seek compensation from Wal-Mart after girl badly burned | CTV Ottawa kid plays with lighters, sets self on fire... not the parents' fault it was walmart's fault all clothing should be fire retardant.
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    [Apple sucks]Google gmail app for ios out

    Now you don't have to use the tremendously shitty native email application on your iPhone or iPad. Link
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    [they raped him]Star Wars on Blu-ray

    so you can get all 6 for $80 or the two, separate trilogy packs for $35 each nerds of tw, why the fuck is this so?
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    Motorola Atrix

    I just played with one. I want one. Screen isnt as good as my galaxy s tho... Im going to try to sell this galaxy s methinks.
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    Radioheads King of Limbs - Feb 19

    Who is Radiohead?
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    Well I just accidently microwaved a bowl with a spoon in it

    and nothing happened, my oatmeal is wonderful seriously i thought i would have created a thermonuclear reaction
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    [UFC] Silva vs Sonnen 2 might not happen DOT DOT DOT

    Because Chael used happymod CSAC: Sonnen Positive for PEDs at UFC 117
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    For those of us that have too many conference calls

    YouTube - David Grady: The Conference Call my life...
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    Terrorists arrested in Ottawa

    Guess where they are from before you click the link. CBC News - Ottawa - Alleged terrorism plot targeted Canada It looks like their targets were all Canadian. Great that now I have to start worrying about these assholes on my way to work.
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    [poor fps] benching a new system

    hi there people who know more about pc components than i do. just built a new PC, using my old ati 3870X2 in it for now until new cards come out. the new machine is much faster, but in tf2/l4d2 my framerate has dropped significantly. I've tried multiple video drivers all the way back to 9.8...
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    [pc build] pls tell me how bad this build is

    a couple notes: - reusing a hdd and video card - mobo is a piece of shit and pretty much picked it arbitrarily... no plans to OC Processor (CPU) Intel Core i7 870 Quad Core Processor Lynnfield LGA1156 2.8GHZ Hyperthreading 8MB Cache Solid State Drives - SSD OCZ Agility 2 Extended 120GB...
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    why shouldn't i want a samsung galaxy s

    dear tribalwar, since you hate everything, why should i hate the samsung galaxy s and not want it? Thanks