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    [PIC] Pineapple Express

    Lets get lit bois! :bandit:
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    [PIC] Thuggin

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    Buncha antisemites and racists! You dont belong in the USA. You belong in ukraine with the rest of the nazis. FACTS
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    [PIC] Drip Check

    Check the drip. :rocker:
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    Miserable at 6:46 am

    Haha some of you are misery posting at 6 am. HAHA sucks to be you. :p:
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    Im verified on twitter. That checkmark looks good by my name. TWITTER BLUE GANG :flame:
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    Whats up?

    Been a bit. I sold the cabin and moved downstate. I like where I am. Have a nice apt. Got a new used truck. Things are going great. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Fuck bitches get money. Maddbeats baby! Get ��
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    [PIC] Crunchy

    Sup u crunchy nibbas! TW is best war!
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    Whats up?

    Hey whats up guise? Im mainly at the awesome discord we have but thought Id stop by here to check on you all. Ive been good. Off hard drugs since January. Just been chilling at home and banging trannies as of late. So what you guise been up to? Any good flame wars I have missed? Love you guise...
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    Ass and Titties

    Ass and titties are nice. Make white babies! :attention
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    I haven't changed any settings, yet all the expletives here are asterisked out. What do? :joop:
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    [PICS] Deer

    Deer pics i took.
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    [PIC] Havax is mad at 6am

    Whats wrong with that lad Havax? All mad sending death threats at 6am. :baby:
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    Teh update

    Sorry for not posting very often. Im at the cord where its popping. Shout out to all the cool peeps at the cord! <3 Things have been going good for me. Guy I am dating bought attic insulation for my house and it has helped keep the place warm. My bf is pretty cool dude. Retired Air...
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    [VID] New MaddBeats Music

    Here you go lads. Fresh from the lab! q5H7HcI5M3A
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    [PIC] PDFile Alert

    If you had a pet penis, how would you take care of it? by Brasstax - TribalWar Forums
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    sehvi come make music

    sehvi come make music with me fren. :sunny:
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    Happy Sunday!

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. - John 14:6