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    which TW poster does this remind u of?

    :lol: hint: it isn't that his mother got fucked by a cop, like Fool asked him it is that he wants to fornicate with people he isn't legally allowed to so he instead BLAMES THE COPS classic pedo
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    absent, is this true?

    ljtFEMAfQ_E :rofl: doesn't your surrounding governments own like 33% of this airline? so this is like a nationalized effort? they are using your tax money to "produce this stuff" why they hate you so much? more than even we hate you? btw don't rich jewish ngo's and bankers run and profit...
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    Kobe B

    pretty expensive but was totally worth the price A5+ even after it is long gone
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    Mmmmm.....very tasty

    and testy Testicles have taste buds that can detect sweet flavours - and they're vital for fertility | Daily Mail Online Guys On TikTok Are Putting Soy Sauce On Their Testicles And Claiming They Can Taste It, So I Spoke To A Doctor Your Balls Have Taste Buds That Keep You Fertile | Hornet...
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    Tyranny Porn

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    When U Just Don't Give a Fuk

    OFN.....but I want to be on his level I'm working on it Casually Lighting A Cigarette While A Gun Is Pointed Directly At Your Face During An Armed Robbery Is A Fucking MOVE Man with gun orders customers to the ground, robs them at south city bar | almost there next year for sure
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    Who wants to talk to Tay?

    Tay is back and this should be fun It didn't take long to ruin the last one Twitter taught Microsoft’s AI chatbot to be a racist asshole in less than a day - The Verge Well now it is time again....... Talk to Transformer My first question...
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    Who will donate to my gofundme to help save them?
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    6LbJEcS4GyM nobody got time for your old boomer ways your old boomer thinking or your old boomer time your old ass boomer know nothing ways pay us and get out of our way -a non boomer
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    Race doesn't matter

    unless we handing out punishment 56k4TCJvVZQ seven people die of vaping in a year universal ban everywhere a few hundred thousand die from opiate abuse more poppy fields.....medicaid for drug addict scripts for sniffles this is as funny as the new DAVE CHAPEL...
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    SO CULTURALLY ENRICHED SOOO RICH IT REALLY IS OUR STRENGTH I AM TOLD Roosh on Twitter: This might be like SPIDERMAN when he got bit but is going to instead become a monkey
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    society seems pretty A-OK to me video1 video2 I mean look at her go....... she goes after one white child simply because of hair color and skin color then realizes that the other child is just as good of a target and victim even better since it is a male and toxic masculinity I mean this...
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    I just want to make my parents proud

    i didn't even know this was a real thing...... having an actual master as a black person.....trying to be a slave without being sold into slavery our education system is amazing I wonder how many years of college this took to learn......or if was pulled off with just going to K-12? Either...
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    New York Times World on Twitter: Fighting Ebola When Mourners Fight the Responders SINCE THEY ARE JUST LIKE US WE ARE ALL THE SAME So I say we accept all these refugees and then blame ANTI-VAXXERS for what they have and maybe JIM CROW LAWS for all their other issues at what point can...
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    Italian School Bus Fire

    Dozens of schoolchildren narrowly escape death in Italy when driver sets bus on fire to protest migrant drownings Well much of a white nationalist are you if you complain or talk about this? Twitter actually banning people for trolling "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" now I mean what...
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    HAPPY VD!!!

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    IOfEi6Qs--s someone think of the real victims I say!!!
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    I blame white people for this

    Brave mother holds onto her toddler while trying to fend off gunmen armed with assault rifles trying to break into her property in #Pinetown, #SouthAfrica I mean if you didn't have all the good stuff all the nice homes all the good jobs you work so hard at for all the good $$$$ nobody would...
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    or should I say choose? YouTube Tweaks Algorithms to Stop Recommending Conspiracy Videos wait, wait, wait.......BUZZFEED cites and states who the CONSPIRACY sites are? the same BUZZFEED from last week? of BUZZFEED dossier and piss tape fame? the same one laying everyone off for not only...
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    Wut Is Wrong w/ HamDumpins?

    I mean I have made jokes about him smoking himself retarded being a meat smoker irl having a hard crusted thc smoke ring permeating his brain but I really wasn't that far off Home made smoker :Hmm: Smoked Bacon, Worlds Best Ham, Ribs, Pork Butt 2016 (big photos) by HumDumpin - TribalWar...