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  1. Plasmatic

    Bluetooth headset recommendations for gym

    I picked up a set of these for shooting a few years ago. All day comfortable. I use them for mowing and yard work too.
  2. Plasmatic

    Normie Threads

    Petition to change "Normal Threads" to "Normie Threads" begins here.
  3. Plasmatic

    Bug Tracking/Issue thread

  4. Plasmatic

    0 rep

    In fact I am taking meber applications if you would like some help.
  5. Plasmatic

    0 rep

    I have faith in your abilities to shit post RevNeg.
  6. Plasmatic

    0 rep

    Exactly my point. TW was built on sweat equity and rep tears. Changing the rules mid race cheapens the entire system.
  7. Plasmatic

    0 rep

    Limiting rep to 5 per person is a slap in the face of those who laid the foundations of rep TW is built upon.
  8. Plasmatic

    Bent wheel hub, not warped rotor!

    Electric parking brakes are the devil.
  9. Plasmatic

    Bent wheel hub, not warped rotor!

    Yeah, SKF is what we use at the shop when possible. I wasn't in a hurry for these and ordered through rock auto, $100 cheaper than local warehouse that would have had to order it anyhow.
  10. Plasmatic

    Bent wheel hub, not warped rotor!

    Replaced the bearing and hub today. SKF bearing with the hub already installed. Dial indicator on the rotor surface with old bearing and hub: New and measuring runout: Pretty amazing how tolerant of runout this system is compared to a floating caliper design. Runout would have been obvious...
  11. Plasmatic

    Bent wheel hub, not warped rotor!

    Lol ed
  12. Plasmatic

    do u like 2 party

    We like to get fucked up and do fucked up shit
  13. Plasmatic

    40 Reps and a mule

    As you command.
  14. Plasmatic

    10,000 rep

    999? Oh I see.
  15. Plasmatic

    At the airport. Off the England...

    Most responsible people plan for situations like this and have a living will or at least power of medical attorney. When a person doesn't it falls to next of kin, the United States defines this legally while the UK does not.
  16. Plasmatic

    [OFFICAL] Cicadapocalypse / Cicadageddon 2024

    Brood XII and XIX will be invading here in Eastern Iowa on Interstate 80. 100 decibels all day, every day! I plan on stocking up on birdshot and firing wildly into the trees. Or maybe wearing ear protection. Maybe both...,145245 Jacob Lane...
  17. Plasmatic

    No Laurie For Me (NLFM)

    You should check all the way out by killing yourself midxe.
  18. Plasmatic

    No Laurie For Me (NLFM)

    Or leaving the country entirely to avoid responsibility....
  19. Plasmatic

    Hiding from Biden,

    Pot, kettle, kill yourself midxe.
  20. Plasmatic

    At the airport. Off the England...

    Will you be skipping out early to gamble in Vegas again?